The candidays additionally share explacountries of illustrations they made in this parody of the initially Democratic conflict.

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The team at Bad Lip Reading put words right into the mouths of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and also the remainder of the participants in the initially Democratic debate.

The comedic video starts out with Sanders’ comments around Clinton’s emails, yet in this version, he is complimenting her on her bean-making skills.

“This womale provides dynamite beans!” he exclaims as Clinton smiles and also nods. “I execute, pinto, pright into,” she responds.

Martin O’Malley battles through just how a baby exits the mother’s body and gets flustered as soon as Clinton bweb links at him too much. “Have fun in staring class,” he tells her. Lincoln Chafeesays, “Golly, jeepers,” and also introduces his vacant challenge, while Jim Webb discusses his desire for a pinataand provides a poop joke.

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Sanders is the star of the present, participating in a “noun challenge” and talking around fighting Chewbacca. Watch listed below to view who attracted an expensive cup with eyes and also who attracted an illustration that lacked wizards and also showcased a bird shooting a guy in his “peewee.”

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