I was driving in the car with my boyfrifinish at the moment. He was the very same age as me. We were having a pretty significant conversation about our relationship, wbelow we were in our stays & what we wanted for our future. In this conversation, I shelp to him,

“My next boyfriend will certainly be older than me. I need someone who has actually their Sh*t together"

(Funny enough, we remained together 6 months after that. You’d think planning the traits of a future boyfrifinish would be a sign that the relationship was over)

It wasn’t that he didn’t have actually his sh*t together per say. We were just at various points in our resides, with incredibly various priorities. He was a typical guy in his mid twenties.

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Rapid Forward a year and a half.

I went on my initially date via my future husband… 13 years my senior. Just over a year later, we were married and also are on our means to living happily ever before after.


In conversations with single girlfriends, I have actually sworn by dating and also marrying older males. If you ask me, it’s absolutely the method to go (unless you have actually a husband… and if that’s the situation disregard this totality post)

Here is why:

1.Older males are hotThey are warm. Bottom line. As guys age, they grow right into themselves and come to be sexier. There is somepoint around genuine male scruf and salt & pepper hair that makes women crazy! George Clooney anyone?

2.They recognize what they wantThey have been roughly lengthy sufficient, and also dated sufficient women to recognize what they want in a relationship! No time for games.

3. They have life experienceThey have actually learned lessons. They have actually perspective and also recognize what’s truly important! I love just how my husband also deserve to help me view the big image as soon as I am all wound up around somepoint trivial.4. They have old-fashioned valuesThey were increased in a different generation than us (or me at least). A time wbelow males opened up the door for woguys, treated them to dinner, actually courted them. To them, “wine and dine” doesn’t mean taking your girl out to Quiznos and a trip to Silvercity. It’s romance all the way!

5. They pick up the phoneConversation is not simply using text message. They speak to. With people my age, phone conversations are virtually international. In reality they used to make me uncomfortable and also I would certainly stop them at all prices. I have dated males in the previous and never actually spoken to them on the phone. Older males contact. They inspect in. They ask around your day. They communicate… many of the time.

6.You get a new an enhanced variation I’ve heard womales say they don’t desire to day a divorcee. They want to stop the drama that can come through ex wives and problems with custody and also access. It’s a stress and anxiety they don’t desire in their life. While I entirely understand also that (because it’s absolutely not among the perks of my situation), I will certainly say that the pros outweigh a cons. A man who has been divorced, or even in previous long-term relationship(s) frequently deserve to acunderstanding wright here things went wrong. They know what happened to make their previous relationship(s) fail, and they understand wright here they screwed up. SO in theory, you acquire the brand-new and also improved variation. (Plus, let’s be significant, in all likelihood they can’t afford one more divorce!)

7.They interact through your paleas easierI’m not sure if that’s bereason they are closer to their age or because they have actually better interaction skills, yet either way I uncover the visits through the rents to go method smovarious other.

8.They are more matureIt’s no trick that womales mature at a faster price than men. Tright here have literally been clinical studies that have actually measured this. I recently check out an article that says guys don’t mature till their late thirties/at an early stage forties. I firmly agree. So as soon as you throw in a far-ranging age difference, you practically also out the playing area when it concerns maturity… almost!



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They are financially stableThis is not about finding your golden ticket or looking for a male who always pays for dinner (yet that is nice) – But a male that is financially steady provides you feel secure. They are trustworthy and responsible via their money, bereason they understand just how hard they have functioned to earn it.

10. You’ll always be young (in comparison)That’s right… birthday after birthday, you will certainly constantly be the younger woman! Many woguys dreview 30. I am one year amethod. I don’t dread it one little bit, because I recognize once I am thirty, he will be 43.Are you through an older man?Have I missed one of the perks? Shoot me a message or comment below!