Futurama: 15 Best Bender Price quotes Bender was the heart and soul also though he had neither of those things) of the Planet Expush crew on Futurama. These are his best quotes.

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What would Futurama be without Bender, the foul-mouthed, hard-drinking, cigar-cigarette smoking, crime-committing four-year-old robot? As component of the main ensemble, Bender was at once a foil to the rest of the crew"s more law-abiding tendencies and additionally a lovable mascot for the Planet Express crew.

With superb voiceoccupational gave by the incomparable John DiMaggio, Bender easily came to be among the most famous characters on the show, and although someone favor Bender could have easily end up being irritating, tright here was still sufficient heart and personality under his cold, metal exterior to store him endearing. Here are ten of the finest quotes that display simply just how great Bender really was.

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Updated on February first, 2021 by Scoot Allan: With so many kind of fan-favorite long-canceled, reflects finding brand-new life with series revivals on streaming and also netoccupational services, fans are still hoping to watch the rerotate of Futurama, which the actors has actually revealed they are open to seeing rerevolve aacquire for the series" second third time. One of the greatest factors fans are hoping to view the rerevolve of Futurama is due to the character of Bender, that easily came to be one of the best parts of the sci-fi comedy due to his unique outlook on life and also humankind that resulted in a number of impressive quotes that save fans coming ago for even more.

FUTURAMA - Bender insert liquor
One point around Bender that renders the character so loveable and also sepaprices him from the other Bending robots is his distinct personality, which the Planet Expush crew virtually lost in the second season"s "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back."

After Bender intimidated to disclose Planet Express" brand-new Bureaucrat for having actually an affair with an employee (Fry), his memory card was rerelocated and virtually shed till Hermes was able to recover it from a paperwork-related nightmare. Bender went back in a predictable fashion through a brief declaration of self and also his mission statement.

14 “Hey, sexy mama. Wanna kill all humans?”

FUTURAMA - Bender and also Fry closet
Bender and Fry weren"t just best friends on Futurama, they were also roommates who had a rough time finding a location in the initially season"s "I, Roommate" after Fry asked for they move out of Bender"s clocollection.

Not just were they compelled to gain cozy in the cramped quarters, yet Bender talked in his sleep to female robots around his desire to eradicate humankind, which can be a little disconcerting if you occur to be a humale trapped in a closet via an effective bfinishing robot. Thankcompletely they were able to upgrade to a bigger area and Bender only periodically tried to kill people.

The second seaboy of Futurama saw the price of titanium skyrocket after a mining disaster in "A Head in the Polls," which influenced Bender to sell off his mostly titanium body for cold, hard, cash which he flaunted in front of his co-workers.

It wasn"t sufficient to simply wave the cash he was clutching in his mouth in front of his friends, but rather, he wanted them to acknowledge that they didn"t have as a lot going for them as he currently did and must most likely simply end things. A rude and also damaging point to say to someone? For sure. Standard Bender? Definitely.

12 “I hope he didn’t die. Unmuch less he left a note naming me his follower, then I hope he did die.”

Bender Bending Rodriguez was always dvery own to make a quick buck, as fans learned once he literally marketed off his body for money, though he also revealed that he was additionally happy to take cash and also power at the cost of someone"s life, which should be even more surpclimbing of a expose than it is.

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When Professor Farnsworth disappeared to his lab for days while producing his clone Cubert in the second season"s "A Clamong My Own," Bender confirmed a touch of compassion by hoping he didn"t die, till the thought of a feasible inheritance crossed his cold, robotic mind.

Only Futurama can present a brand-new create of power addiction and then have Bender revolve it right into a subtle masturbation joke around conforming that carried the roof dvery own, yet that"s precisely what they did in seachild one"s "Hell Is Other Robots."

After Bender was tempted via the prospect of a brand-new drug by "jacking-on" and also abutilizing energy, he easily said yes via the really hopes that it would make him look cool, though he quickly came to be addicted and hit rock bottom, which is pretty low for a character choose Bender.

10 "I’m so embarrassed. I wish everybody else was dead."

Bender has always been the sort of character who boasts a large however delicate ego. Even once he encounters defeat, he is still fully mindful of exactly how excellent he is and that also though he is feeling the majority of shame, it should be everyone else that feels it instead of him.

Bender is the sort of robot that provides "kill all humans" his catchphrase, so it"s organic that he would certainly not really treatment about the sanctity of human life. In truth, to him, the idea that huguy life is sacred would certainly be sufficient to elicit a vast laugh.

Robots are cool, and Bender is acutely conscious of this. Even in the year 3000, when robots are pretty a lot everywhere, Bender knows that they are a lot cooler than pretty a lot any type of other lifecreate.

Bender states this line once he meets among his culinary idols serving up food in a hobo camp. Bender feels that their stories are exceptionally equivalent, yet obviously, his is a lot even more fun because it entails robots (particularly it involves Bender, the coolest robot out there).

8 "This is the worst sort of discrimination there is: the type against me!"

There"s nothing worse than having someone say no to you, and Bender knows this all also well. When he and Fry attempt to usage a military discount to purchase ham-flavored gum, they are easily rebuked by the keep clerk, who informs them (correctly) that the discount is only for people in the military.

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Bender utters this line, which to be fair, is all also true. What renders the instance also worse is that best after, Bender and Fry enlist in the army to get the discount, yet ideal after signing their files, "war were asserted."

When Bender finds out that he was imcorrectly built without a backup unit, he quickly realizes that all of the times he put his life on the line were really, well, him putting his life on the line.

Bender utters the line when Hermes tries to comfort him about being mortal, and also exactly how having actually only a short time on Planet makes everything matter a lot more. This episode ends through a really poignant montage around how Hermes was the one to spare baby Bender"s life earlier once he was first working as a robot inspector.

6 ""Hands in the air" rhymes via "just don"t care..." And finished!"

When Bender is finally mangled by the deserve to opener that he has actually constantly been afrassist of, he loses the use of his body. However before, through the help of Beck, Bender learns how to use small robot arms to play his body like a washboard. He quickly becomes a individual music hero and also decides to write his very own song around damaged robots.

It"s while composing this masterpiece that Bender states this line, delivering it prefer the last lyrics to his song are a stroke of genius. The joke pays off later once Bender finally gets to percreate his song, and out of nowright here, he really does tell the audience "put your hands in the air prefer you just do not treatment."

We currently talked about how Bender has a healthy and balanced (or unhealthy, depending upon how you look at it) ego, and even as soon as he"s been utterly beat, he still manperiods to somehow watch himself as being the best.

This line comes in the episode "40% Leadbelly." After Bender realizes that he can not compose a hit individual song after all (which he have to have actually realized the first time he tried to carry out it with Beck in "Bendin" in the Wind"), he hregarding resolve the fact that someexactly how being great doesn"t analyze to talent.

4 "My life, and by expansion everyone else"s, is meaningmuch less."

When Bender is shut dvery own from ever being a Harlem Globetrotter (he looks deep in his heart and need to admit that he is not funky enough), he seems to have a bit of an existential crisis. After all, if he can"t achieve his dream, then what is the suggest of anypoint anymore?

Bender utters this line simply as he is around to put the doomsday tool in area in order to resolve the temporal worries occurring throughout the universe. If just he had been around when Bubblegum Tate asserted everyone in the room an honorary Globetrotter...

When Bender and also Fry initially accomplish, Bender can barely think that anyone would want to have a robot as a frifinish. In a means, it is Fry"s friendship that gives Bender"s life definition. After all, the two met while Bender was waiting in line to use a self-destruction machine.

In the episode "I, Roommate," Bender and also Fry decide to move in together, and after a rocky few nights of Fry trying to sleep in Bender"s tiny apartment (which is fundamentally simply a closet), they move to a much bigger area. Even though Bender and Fry"s friendship is tested, they stick together, and also in the finish, Fry ends up living in Bender"s clocollection (a huge apartment).

2 "I"m going to build my very own layout park! With blackjack! And hookers!

"You know what - foracquire the park!" In the second episode of Futurama, Fry renders his first distribution with the remainder of the crew from the future. They head to Luna Park, a design template park constructed on the moon. To everyone else, it"s a pretty conventional pilgrimage, but Fry deserve to badepend contain his excitement.

Bender spends a lot of of the episode making all sorts of trouble (obviously), and after gaining kicked out of Luna Park, he declares he is going to begin his own theme park through every one of the points that he desires.

How might any type of of Bender"s other quotes take the optimal spot over this one? It can simply be the a lot of frequent phrase that he says, and there are plenty of variations on it ("bite my glorious golden ass," "bite my red, hot, glowing ass," and so on and also so on).

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Bender"s catchphrase essentially became the catchphrase for the whole present, encompassing not just the show"s mindset, yet likewise its futuristic setting.