The "fair" that Maurice sets off for never before existed, but was a ruse created by the townsworld.

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In the beginning of Beauty and also the Beast, we find out that Maurice, Belle's father, is widely concerned in their tvery own as "crazy, old Maurice". Many of his fellow villagers take into consideration Maurice to be a quack, or "the tvery own crazy", and consider his "inventions" to be "crazy" as well.

In spite of this, even in the film, we view people's reluctance to actually have actually Maurice thrvery own into an asylum. Gaston calls Maurice a "harmmuch less crackpot" later on in the film, and says "Crazy old Maurice. He's always great for a laugh!" It's clear that the townscivilization also think the exact same. Even the asylum manager, D'Arque, also thinks so, as he says, "Maurice is harmmuch less."

Still, they take into consideration Maurice to be the butt of everyone's jokes, someone to laugh at through "another one of his crazy ramblings". LeFou also states, "Ha ha ha, that crazy old loon, he require all the aid he have the right to get!"

Even when Belle tells LeFou and also Gaston "don't you laugh at my father", she says, "My father's not crazy! He's a genius!" Gaston originally hits LeFou and tells him, "yeah, don't you laugh at her father", yet when Belle transforms her earlier and also walks ameans, both Gaston and also LeFou do laugh at Maurice.

In "Little Town", we additionally see Gaston proudly announce, "simply watch, I'm going to make Belle my wife", to which the townscivilization gather around and also cheer him on. Afterwards in the film, in both "Gaston" and "Kill the Beast", we see that the town totally supports and also rallies about Gaston. The tvery own likewise fully supports Gaston's bid to marry Belle ("So his marital relationship we soon'll be celebrating!"), as watched in both as soon as Gaston goes to propose and also wed Belle in someday, and in "Gaston".

Those facts being establimelted, let's relocate onto the fair itself. Early on in the film, appropriate after the scene via LeFou, Gaston, and Belle, the following scene happens:

MAURICE: I'm about all set to provide up on this hunk of junk!

BELLE: You constantly say that.

MAURICE: I mean it, this time. I'll never before obtain this boneheaded contraption to occupational.

BELLE: Yes, you will certainly. And you'll win initially prize at the fair tomorrow!

MAURICE: Hmmmph!

BELLE: ...and become a world renowned inventor!

MAURICE: You really believe that?

BELLE: I always have.

MAURICE: ...Hitch up Phillipe, girl. I'm off to the fair!

So Maurice sets off. We also see that he shows up to have a map of sorts. However, things shortly come to be fishy in the following scene, which skips ahead to later on that night, and also Maurice becomes shed.

MAURICE: We must be there by currently. Maybe we missed a rotate. I guess I should have taken a...wait a minute. (Lifts lantern to illuminate authorize offering directions to Anaheim and also Valencia)

MAURICE: Let's go this way!

MAURICE: Come on, Phillipe! It's a shortreduced. We'll be tright here in no time!

MAURICE: This can't be right. Wright here have actually you taken us, Phillipe?

Clearly, despite having actually a map, Maurice is hopelessly lost. Getting shed in the woods is what inevitably leads him to the Beast's castle, and also sets off the primary plot of Beauty and also the Beast.

Yet what happens ideal after Maurice leaves for the fair, the exceptionally next day? Gaston gathers together the neighborhood priest, a whole band also, and "wedding guests" exterior of Belle's home, hoping to propose and also marry Belle best then and also there.

LEFOU: Heh! Oh boy! Belle's gonna gain the surpincrease of her life, huh, Gaston?

GASTON: Yep. This is her lucky day!

(GASTON turns to the band also, wedding guests and also others, apparently simply out of sight of BELLE's cottage.)

GASTON: I'd favor to give thanks to you all for coming to my wedding. But initially, I better go in there and... propose to the girl!

(MINISTER, BAKER, and also OTHERS laugh heartily. Camera pans conveniently to show BIMBETTES crying their eyes out.

GASTON: Now, you Lefou. When Belle and I come out that door--

LEFOU: Oh I recognize, I know! (He turns and starts directing the band in "Here Comes the Bride." GASTON slams a baritone over his head.)

GASTON: Not yet!

LEFOU: (From inside the instrument, with his lips sticking out the mouthpiece) Sorry!

Of course, for Gaston to rally so many type of human being together at a solitary time, tright here was some effort right into planning this beforehand also - perhaps weeks, possibly also months, in advance. Considering that, later in the film, Gaston fabricates a arrangement to have Maurice locked up in the asylum unless Belle agrees to marry him, I think that Gaston (via the aid of the townspeople) purposecompletely lied to Maurice in order to get him out of town.

Though Maurice calls Gaston a "handsome fellow" and also asks Belle why she doesn't spend time through him - Maurice certainly isn't adverse to the concept of the marriage - Belle provides it clear that she's rebuffed Gaston's attempts to woo her. As Maurice loves his daughter, and also vice versa, he would deny any repursuit of Gaston for his blessing to marry Belle, as Belle doesn't want to marry him.

However, Gaston clearly belittles and looks dvery own on Maurice, and doesn't feel the should even ask Maurice, for his blessing . However before, clearly, Gaston thinks that Maurice is still a hindrance or obstacle in his very own plans to try and convince Belle to marry him.

My concept is that Gaston, some time (weeks to months) prior to the start of Beauty and also the Beast, hatched a plan through the other townspeople. He wants to marry Belle, and bereason he is handsome, significant, and well-known, the townshuman being shortly acquire "on board". As the story takes location in 1740's France, ago then, the townshuman being were likewise even more apt to think that Belle marrying Gaston "was finest for her and everyone else".

While Maurice is widely related to as "the tvery own crazy" or "the tvery own fool", many of the townsworld seem to have a soft spot for Belle. Many regard her as "beautiful" ("It's no wonder that her name indicates 'beauty' / her looks have actually gained no parallel" / "yet behind that fair facade / I'm afrhelp she's rather odd"), and at least three of the other men in the village are strongly implied to additionally elaborate Belle. Unchoose Maurice, Belle is likewise even more outgoing and also social, reliable, hoswarm, and is very friendly and nice to the townscivilization she meets in "Little Town". The bookshop owner also appears to dote on Belle, permitting her to "borrow books" that he has actually for sale.

This, though it is not explained in the film, likewise seems to tie into Belle's mother, that is named 'Colette' in the OUAT adaptation. In the Beauty and the Beast musical by Disney, the townsworld also say to Belle, "You are your mother's daughter; therefore you are course...creme de la creme". This indicates that that Belle, through her mom, comes from the uppercourse, and also perhaps even French nobility.

In an main Disney image of Belle's mother, we additionally watch the symbol of the increased, the exact same vital symbol in Beauty and also the Beast. This seems to indicate that Belle's mommy might, in fact, be regarded Prince Adam (The Beast), who resides in the castle in the woodland exterior of Belle's town.

According to the Disney Wiki:

Also, a portrait of her analysis to a younger Belle can be seen on the wall inside the replica of Belle's cottage that is a component of the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction at Magic Kingdom. In enhancement, she was likewise watched via the very same book that Belle obtained from the bookseller, indicating that she was the factor why the book was her favorite. And the existance of a portrait would certainly likewise allude that Belle's family were affluent at leastern before moving to the village, which falls in with the original "Beauty and the Beast" fairytale. (Source)

With this proof, it seems that Belle is at least of the upperclass - and also the townsworld know it. As Gaston is famous and handsome - and also at least rather rich as well, provided how he bribes the asylum manager through a bag complete of gold coins - of course the tvery own desires her to marry Gaston, whether Belle desires to, or not. Tright here also appears to be the impression that, because of her "oddity", Belle might end up a spinster otherwise, and also thus, marrying Gaston would certainly likewise be "for Belle's very own good" and also "the excellent of the town". If Belle is nobility, her wedding Gaston would not just encertain that she stays in the tvery own, yet that Gaston would "marry up" by marrying a noblewomale.

However before, Maurice, being a widower, is likely extremely protective of his daughter.

So, along with Gaston, the tvery own comes up with a arrangement to gain Maurice out of tvery own. One of them buys or makes up a fake map, and also the townsworld come up through a clever lie about a "fair in one more village", wright here Maurice have the right to show off his invention(s). They provide Maurice the map, and gossip about the "fair" as if it's a genuine point, encouraging Maurice to go to it. By extension, Maurice tells Belle, and Belle also drops for the story. On the other hand, Maurice functions tirelessly on one of his new developments, the wood-chopper watched in the film, hoping to go to this "fair" and also fulfill his dream of coming to be a renowned inventor.

All the while, the tvery own is laughing behind Maurice's earlier, LeFou and also Gaston included. Gaston, LeFou, and also the various other townsindividual plan and conspire to set up Belle and Gaston's wedding exterior of Belle's residence the day after Maurice leaves for the "fair". They count on Maurice taking at least a day to figure out the ruse, and also rerevolve residence, which is why no one is shocked or surprised once Maurice later shows up at Gaston's tavern, raving about a "monstrous beast".

Gaston's factors for gaining Maurice out of the method serves one more purpose. He assumes that, without her father, Belle will certainly be more most likely to agree to marry him. Aacquire, in 1740's France, guys were still extensively related to as the major authority figures; daughters were "property" of their fathers, and also wives, "property" of their husbands. Gaston also echoes this viewsuggest once he barges into Belle's cottage, insisting that she marry him. With Maurice gone, Gaston deserve to "steal" Belle for himself, and also "has actually his heart set on making her his ".

When this stops working, Gaston comes up through another arrangement to obtain Maurice out of the method - this time, planning to have actually Belle's father thrown in an asylum, unmuch less Belle agrees to marry him.

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tl;dnr: The townsworld in Belle and also Maurice's village in Beauty and also the Beast invented the "fair" that Maurice sets off to in the beginning of the film, in order to gain Maurice out of the way so Gaston can propose to, and also wed, Belle while her father's gone.