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Fortnite Seachild 9 proceeds via a new collection of skin-focused difficulties called Utopia Challenges. These operate just prefer the Blockbuster, Snowloss and Discoextremely Challenges before them, but they have actually a new name that suits the layout of the Seachild 9 Battle Pass. We"ll tell you where to find the Secret Battle Star making use of Loading Screen #1.

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Wright here to find the Secret Battle Star in Loading Display #1

In order to make the Secret Battle Star show up, you have to first finish every one of the Week 1 Challenges that went live Thursday morning. We"ve detailed them listed below alongside links to relevant guides.

Free Challenges

Stage 1: Ride the Slipstream about Neo Tilted Stage 2: Ride the Slipstream roughly Mega MallDeal damage to an enemy within 10 secs after making use of a Shadow Bomb (200)

Battle Pass Challenges

Pick up a Legendary item in various matches (five)Search Chests at Lucky landing or Loot Lake (seven)Scoped Weapon Elimicountries (three)Stage 1: Deal damage to adversaries from at leastern two stories above (300)Stage 2: Deal damage to adversaries from at least four stories over (200)Stage 3: Deal damages to enemies from at leastern 6 stories over (100)

After completing each challenge you"ll unlock Loading Screen #1. Unprefer some of the previous screens we"ve watched, the secret to this one is pretty straightforward. There are four collaborates marked on the Machine Gun featured prominently in the image: I5, I6, J5 and also J6. All you need to perform is go to wbelow those collaborates satisfy to uncover the Secret Battle Star.


Use the works with featured in Loading Display #1 to find the initially Secret Battle Star of Seaboy 9.Epic Games

Where is the Secret Battle Star for Week 1

Marked on the map listed below, the Secret Battle Star in Loading Display #1 is situated at this spot north of Paradise Palms and also eastern of Mega Mall.

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The Week 1 Secret Battle Star is located cshed to Mega Mall.Epic Games/wolker4
YouTubeThis is what the area looks choose as soon as you land tright here. That"s all you need to understand around the Week 1 Utopia Challenge for Fortnite Season 9.


This is what the Week 1 Secret Battle Star location looks favor.Epic Games/wolker4
YouTubeWere you able to discover the Secret Battle Star in Loading Screen #1? What carry out you think of the Weekly Challenges so far? Tell us in the comments section!