Back to youIt always comes around, back to youI tried to forget you, I tried to stay awayBut it"s too late< Lyrics from: >Over youI"m never over, over youSomething about youIt"s just the way you moveThe way you move meYeahhh I"m so good at forgettingAnd I quit every game I playBut forgive me, loveI can"t turn and walk awayBack to youIt always comes around, back to youI walk with your shadowI"m sleeping in my bedWith your silhouetteYeahhh, should have smiled in that pictureIf it"s the last that I"ll see of youIt"s the least that youCould not doLeave the light onI"ll never give up on youLeave the light onFor me too, for me tooFor me tooBack to meI know that it comes back to meDoesn"t it scare youYour will is not as strongAs it used to be