We had to take a trip back to the future (the year 2015, to be precise) to have the ability to market these exceptional caps. Made from a color-shifting lenticular product making use of our very own tradition cap pattern, these hats are made to 4 fitted sizes and also totally lined in black cotton. The underside of the pre-curved brim has the exact same lenticular material.

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Available in four ready-made sizes:

Small (56cm/22" circumference or Size 7 US)Medium (58cm/22.75" circumference or Size 7 1/4 US)Large (60cm/23.5" circumference or Size 7 1/2 US)Extra Large (62cm/24.25" circumference or Size 7 3/4 US)

Note: Due to the nature of the lenticular material, tbelow are imperfections, such as dark spots, "stretch marks" near the stitching or little bubbling alengthy the rigid parts of the cap.Price has actually been reduced due to these blemishes on the product. No exchanges or refunds accepted on this item.

Size: MediumLargeExtra Large


Marty Sunglasses
$80.00 $85.00
This Marty McFly cap is the finest and a lot of authentic cap that can be bought worldwide. It looks good. I am thrilled and also deserve to only recommfinish it to eincredibly BTTF fan as lengthy as it is still available.
Rainer G.
12 August 2021
I"ve bought various other items from Magnoli before and have actually been perfectly satisfied, however I"m not certain how to feel around this one. First of all, I really wish it had been sent out in a box bereason by the time it arrived to me, the hat was squimelted and also compelled right into my mailbox. Who knows what type of abusage it went via before I obtained here. It leads to my next suggest where the lenticular... Read More
Kelvin N.
29 March 2021
Unbelievably great quality products. This hat is specifically choose the one in the movie and also perfect for any kind of bttf fan.
Rob M.
27 May 2020
Perfect! That’s just how I would explain my hat. I very closely looked over the hat and also observed zero fregulations in mine. From the fit, sizing, and also looks, all is spot-on. Another optimal top quality item from Magnoli Clothiers.
Jake L.
26 May 2020
Amazing display specific Back to the Future 2 hat. The high quality and look of this hat is optimal notch. Amazing work!
Daniel G.
10 May 2020
Excellent job-related on these, Indy! Easily the closest and also most exact replica I"ve ever before viewed, or even the closest anyone deserve to perhaps gain for that matter without having actually a screen-used cap. You"re among the few, excellent RPF members that take replicas seriously and attract the line that much even more than anyone has gone before with replicas.. Anything worth doing, is worth... Read More
Carkid C.
16 March 2020
The many exact replica that’s out there (I carry out think I’ve viewed all that there is), therefore bereason of its such accuracy I chose to purchase it. 5 ⭐️ high quality and attention to details.
Benas D.
17 January 2020
I cant believe I"m holding this hat appropriate now, I"ve waited decades for this and its finally below. You have actually no principle. Just ordered 2 more. The only issue I"m having actually is mine came through babsence smudge marks that I"ve been trying to gain out without any kind of success. It looks prefer someone handling it can have had actually a little ink on their hands or something. I"m sure its just mine bereason... Read More
Roger D.
20 October 2019
This is it! The perfect replica of 2015"s Marty cap is below.
Marcelo S.
13 September 2019
Very satisfied through this purchase, I will certainly be ordering aobtain as soon as searching for great quality replica items. Perfect fit via top quality. The shipping was pretty rapid for being international, I prefer that they offer you updates every step of the method. I was afraid it would be smashed or messed up traveling far but it was packaged with care... Read More
Maurice R.
13 June 2019
Been waiting for someone to pick up wbelow Miraj left on these hats and Magnoli blew the doors off! Very pleased!
Andy E.
28 May 2019
Amazing attention to detail!!! They really have actually an eye for this stuff. The finest out there by far. THANK YOU!!!
Jaboy D.
30 January 2019
Just obtained my cap, it is the finest fitting hat I have actually ever before bought and also is a perfect enhance to the display provided cap. I can not begin to tell you how well made this is and just how much I currently love this. Everything down to the blue stitching and also the holographic underside of the brim is perfect and also what is doing not have through other caps... Read More
Adam T.
10 September 2018
This is THE hat. Sure, you"ve most likely watched various other BTTF II holographic hats, but they are prefer a 1988 Honda Accord compared to a modern Ferrari given that this hat came on the scene. Not a single information has been missed. If you want a Marty McFly 2015 hat and also you select anything other than this one, you are doing yourself a disservice. The just difficulty is that since it"s so well-developed... Read More
Nicholas F.
02 September 2018
I obtained my distribution of two caps today! And yes, what deserve to I say. They are made in high high quality, I love the form of the cap, simply choose in the movie and that they are full closed in the earlier. The lenticular material looks perfect. I want to say, it is exceptional that Magnoli Clothiers provides it in 4 sizes! That’s perfect! To every one of you! GREAT (Scott) WORK!!!... Read More
Holger T.
18 August 2018
A perfect replica. My parental fees bought me the original officially licensed hat as a son and also it suited its objective however this hat is literally right from the movie I might not be happier.
Charles C.
11 August 2018
I have every one of the "other" bttf hats that have been made over the years....and this by much is the ABOSOLUTE BEST!!! The product is perfect. The fit is perfect. And the as a whole architecture is spot on. All of the planning and also architecture that went into making this has phelp off. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this. It"s absolutely a prized possession in my collection... Read More
Chris M.
11 August 2018
I actually get a small nervous as soon as receiving new props because my OCD will certainly frequently kick in and also reason any type of small inconsistencies in stitching, symmeattempt, etc. to stand also out and also detract from my enjoyment of the item. But male...this cap is just gorgeous. And to the relief of my OCD, it"s perfect! Stitching is straight, panel form is constant, brim is focused. Just... Read More
Timothy C.
05 August 2018
Contrasted to the cap used in the film, the official Diamond Select cap left a lot to be wanted as a replica, yet this one is simply perfect. Wright here have you been all my life!!
Takanori O.
05 August 2018
My hat came in today, and also I love it! The look, the fit, the top quality are all peak notch! I absolutely recommend this hat to anyone who wants a movie exact look. The communication, updays, and also tracking were the ideal that you deserve to discover. I would absolutely perform business via them aget. Hope to see a BTTF 2 jacket from Magnoli Clothiers soon :D... Read More
Rick F.
03 August 2018
For the longest time, the just lenticular hat easily accessible for the time traveling cosplayer left a lot to be preferred in regards to display screen accuracy. This one gets it appropriate, created through input from the fan and cosplay areas to incertain it"s the many exact cap you deserve to gain short of the actual prop. Details like a correct form, lenticular material under the brim,... Read More
John K.
03 August 2018
What a blast from the past! Looks choose somebody went earlier to 1989 and also snatched up some from the Universal backlot. This is THE ideal replica, look no better. I got a huge and it fits perfectly. Will order again form Magnoli for sure!
james c.

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03 August 2018
Time Suit
T&C Henley (SS)
$50.00 $35.00
Polka Dot Tie
Internet Belt
$9.95 $6.00
Quill Gloves
Connor Sunglasses
Holographic Cap
$50.00 $35.00

Magnoli Clothiers is dedicated to the remanufacturing of vintage garments, historic apparel and popular film costumes. These reproductions, but, are not costume pieces, however tailor-made, high-quality garments.

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