The preservation of clinical laboratory blood samples, mining of sea water for magnesium, formulation of over-the-respond to medications such as Milk of Magnesia and antacids, and dealing with the existence of difficult water in your home’s water supply are just a few of the many jobs that involve controlling the equilibrium in between a slightly soluble ionic solid and also an aqueous solution of its ions.

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In some situations, we desire to prevent dissolution from occurring. Tooth degeneration, for instance, occurs as soon as the calcium hydroxylapatite, which has the formula Ca5(PO4)3(OH), in our teeth dissolves. The dissolution process is aided once bacteria in our mouths feast on the sugars in our diets to produce lactic acid, which reacts via the hydroxide ions in the calcium hydroxylapatite. Preventing the dissolution prevents the decay. On the various other hand also, occasionally we desire a substance to dissolve. We desire the calcium carbonate in a chewable antacid to disresolve because the (ceCO3^2-) ions developed in this process assist soothe an upcollection stomach.

In this area, we will uncover out exactly how we can manage the dissolution of a slightly soluble ionic solid by the application of Le Châtelier’s principle. We will certainly likewise learn just how to usage the equilibrium consistent of the reaction to recognize the concentration of ions existing in a solution.

The Solubility Product Constant

Silver chloride is what’s known as a sparingly soluble ionic solid (Figure (PageIndex1)). Respeak to from the solubility rules in an previously chapter that halides of Ag+ are not typically soluble. However before, once we add an excess of solid AgCl to water, it dissolves to a small extent and produces a mixture consisting of a very dilute solution of Ag+ and Cl– ions in equilibrium via undissolved silver chloride:


This equilibrium, prefer various other equilibria, is dynamic; some of the solid AgCl proceeds to disdeal with, yet at the same time, Ag+ and Cl– ions in the solution combine to produce an equal amount of the solid. At equilibrium, the opposing procedures have actually equal rates.

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CNX_slrfc.org_15_01_AgCl.jpg(b) calculate the solubility-product constant of agcl.