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Great friends, poor sound, a band also I loved throughout the 1970s, and some overwhelming realizations. . . that’s what last night was all around. Lisa and also I ventured down to the regional American Music Theater through our friends Duffy and also Maggie to watch Chicearlier. And prior to my young friends sign up with together in mocking laughter, you have to remember some facts: 32 albums. The leading U.S. singles charting team in the 1970s. Over 120 million albums marketed international – 22 Gold, 18 Platinum, and 8 Multi-Platinum. Five number 1 albums, and twenty-one peak ten hits. Speak your laughing. . .

I had actually been looking forward to this because, well, as soon as I was in junior high. That’s when my music teacher at Huntingdon Junior High School, Miss Margolis, verbalized some ethics of music appreciation prior to blasting the band’s brand-new song, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”, with the Harmon-Kardons that hung on the front wevery one of the tiered music room. It got me and I was hooked. I invested the much better part of the 1970s (high college and college) blasting that stuff on the living room stereo and also through the vehicle speakers. But I never acquired the possibility to check out them in concert. . . until last night.

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Lisa graciously went alengthy in rerotate, I think, for our trip to see U2 last autumn in celebration of her birthday. Thanks Lisa.

Now, about last night. They played a non-stop barrage of hits. They also played an old favorite song I had entirely forobtained, “Wake Up Sunshine.” The difficulty via the night was the sound, something that I hope wasn’t the fault of the band. Vocals were hard to hear. The mix was horrible. Still, it was great to hear the old songs.

Throughout “Color My World” I looked about the room, thinking seriously around exactly how I’d fill in the blanks after the first 6 words of the song. I’m still handling it. But here’s a sampling of some of the thoughts I had actually. . .

“As time goes on, I realize. . . .

– that males my age and also older must NEVER wear tight pants, or a shirt that’s unbuttoned to the belly button and also tied beneath it. Oh, if James Pankow had actually only stuck to playing his trombone. All 3 of the males in the horn area were guilty of wardrobe indiscretions for males their age, yet Pankow was absolutely guilty in the initially degree! It was sort of like going to the beach and also seeing men that shouldn’t be wearing speedos wearing speedos. . . and I’m not certain any type of man have to ever wear a speeexecute. Get the picture? Thanks for the visual warning, James. To the rest of you, if you ever see me dressed choose that. . . execute something.

-as soon as it pertains to Chicago fans, I might be among the youngest. I was 12 or 13 once I began listening to their music. Last night, I was 53. This indicates that the fans who were 22 to 30 years old back in the day are currently 62 to 70 years old. They were out in force last night. This realization hit me hard once a pair of brief spinsters that had actually been sitting to our left excsupplied themselves down our row 3 songs before the concert ended. As they squeezed with in front of me, I smelled the solid pungent odors of heavily used old lady perfume that I remember smelling in church during my childhood. The trifecta – older ladies, solid perfume, Chicago – left a strong impression.

-the teenage music fans of the 1970s might have been able to dance back then, yet they can’t dance currently. Which is why I don’t even dance as soon as I’m alone. It’s as well painful to watch. . . also for me.

-that time goes on really fast, that time and gravity are not sort to the huguy body, and that life on this earth is fleeting. I’m happy for the truth that sooner or later, a brand-new heaven and also a new earth will certainly be introduced, and also fatality, decay and whatever else negative will be gone forever before. I long for that day of restoration.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. It was a fun night. I delighted in it. I just have to wonder, wbelow did the years between the initially time I heard the band and the initially time I saw the band also go?!?

One more point. . . at one point I looked approximately and also chuckled as I imagined what my children would be saying if they had been there through us. I’m glad they weren’t. I remember thinking the very same about my parents and also their music. But sweet revenge will certainly come. Thirty years from now they’ll be sitting in the same place listening, clapping, and also dancing alengthy to some long-forgotten chart-topper. . . and also my grand also youngsters will certainly be laughing their heads off!

Chicback then. . . .

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Chicback now. . . in a setup I could never before in my wildest dreams start to imagine. . . or enjoy. . . .