HOUSTON – If you"re around to fry up that exact same old boring bacon for breakfast, hold your spatula: Consumer professional Amy Davis is experimentation the Perfect Bacon Bowl. The Perfect Bacon Bowl commercial sells the bacon bowl mold as a way to liven up any kind of meal."Eggs and also hash browns for breakfast? It"s better in a bacon bowl," chirps the announcer. "BLT for lunch? Bacon Bowl provides a totality brand-new way to munch."

Davis followed the instructions to make a bacon bowl, using among two bowl molds that come in package for $9.99.

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You require 2 strips of bacon to make one bowl. You have the right to prepare it in a toaster cooktop, cooktop or microwave. Davis popped it in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.

If your bowl isn"t done, you can cook it in 30-second increments till it meets your wanted crispness. After the bacon cooled, it came off the mold in one piece in a perfect bit basket.

Not a bacon lover? You have the right to use the same mold to make a breview bowl.

You need the range for the breview. Davis used dough from frozen yeastern rolls that she let thaw overnight. After 8 minutes in the cooktop, the breview bowl was done. Davis filled both bowls with scrambled eggs and also headed to the newsroom to discover some volunteers to taste her inventions.

"You cannot go wrong via bacon," news editor John Steiger said as he reached for the bacon bowl. 

Producer Celina Gore got the bcheck out bowl. Both thought their bowls were tasty, yet a little bit unvital.

"I"m a basic male," Steiger told Davis. "Simple bacon and also eggs in a frying pan is good for me."

"I expect, unmuch less you prefer bowls eincredibly day... you"ll have to gain speculative," Gore sassist.

You more than likely wouldn"t usage them eextremely day, yet if you are planning a brunch or food preparation a one-of-a-kind meal, the bowls might be fun.If you want to use the bcheck out bowl for soup, you won"t fit much inside bereason the bowls are quite tiny.

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