The latest Elden Ring trailer has fans wondering whether or not the game is privately collection in the Dark Souls universe.

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By Matthew Byrd | June 10, 2021 | | Comments count:0
Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

While there’s a lot to talk around once it pertains to the brand-new Elden Ring trailer, it’s hardly a surprise that the beforehand buzz over the current pevaluation includes heated debates over whether or not Elden Ring takes area in the Dark Souls world.

Yes, I know that sounds precisely like the kind of concept that the inrenowned Elden Ring subreddit would have dreamed up in the time of their virtually two-year wait for brand-new Elden Ring footage. Actually, there’s a really good opportunity some version of that concept was common or also produced by that community at some suggest.

However, it’s difficult to watch the latest Elden Ring trailer and not think of Dark Souls. It attributes even more than a few callbacks, similarities, and referrals that now have actually even more human being than ever at least willing to entertain the principle that Elden Ring and also Dark Souls share more than a developer

To be fair, some of the Dark Souls references featured in the latest Elden Ring trailer can almost instantly be composed off as little bit more than nods towards those games. For circumstances, we plainly see a walking pot that bears a solid resemblance to Dark Souls‘ treasure chest mimics (also if that concept isn’t exclusive to the Dark Souls universe). There’s likewise a minute as soon as what we assume is the player’s character is checked out sitting in front of a bonfire. It’s pretty apparent that FromSoftware knew what they were doing via that one.

Tbelow are various other details in the trailer, though, that add to a much even more convincing debate that Elden Ring could indeed someexactly how be related to Dark Souls from a lore perspective. For instance, we obtain a brief look at an Elden Ring city that some say looks choose the legendary Dark Souls level, Anor Lonperform. Some fans were also quick to suggest out that the Elden Ring trailer’s narrator sounds a lot prefer a painter you enrespond to in Dark Souls 3. Interestingly, that painter also tells the player that they intfinish to create a new world.

I can go on, yet the suggest is that tbelow are plenty of character, human being, and also item designs prominently featured in the Elden Ring trailer that were either ssuggest motivated by comparable principles viewed in Dark Souls (and also Bloodborne) or were implemented as a way to clearly indevelop the player that Dark Souls and Elden Ring somehow exist in the very same universe.

Just in case your tin foil hat isn’t on tight enough yet, take into consideration the fact that Dark Souls was expected to be referred to as Dark Ring till FromSoftware decided to readjust the name late in development. That’s part of the factor why some fans speculate that Elden Ring could someexactly how help tie all the FromSoftware games together or possibly even serve as a kind of prequel to Dark Souls.

As interesting as all of those possibilities are, this is the percent of the regimen wbelow we need to throw some cold water on a lot of of the fan theories we’ve heard so far.

First off, this is hardly the first time that FromSoftware games have common principles and also even assets. For circumstances, a variation of the Moonlight Greatsword is featured in several of the studio’s games, and a character called Patches shows up in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Even Sekiro attributes a few curious nods to the Soulsborne games. FromSoftware loves to reference its previous functions in their games also if they don’t technically show up to share a world.

Second, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have actually gone out of their method to explain Elden Ring as a “brand-new fantasy civilization.” While that doesn’t necessarily ascendancy out the possibility that the game’s human being could share some connections with previous FromSoftware creations, various other facets of the game’s advancement perform make it unlikely that’s the instance. For circumstances, it’s been reported that George R.R. Martin was involved in crafting Elden Ring‘s lore and background, which would certainly be a starray assignment for Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to provide to an outsider if Elden Ring was so carefully related to Miyazaki’s previous works.

Finally, there’s the game’s official plot summary. While the summary of the Elden Ring cosmos posted on the game’s website doesn’t directly ascendancy out some kind of potential direct Dark Souls link, it does strengthen the principle that this game is more interested in doing its own point and also building its own universe.

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Based on whatever we recognize currently, it feels prefer eexceptionally Dark Souls referral that we’ve watched in Elden Ring so much is nothing even more than simply a reference or an example of how FromSoftware regularly makes use of a particular design style. While it wouldn’t necessarily be shocking to learn that there’s actually even more to this story, this feels like more of a case of fun fan speculation at the minute than anypoint else.