Here is our strategy for Angry Birds Void Utopia Mirror Level M4-30. This level is unlocked by obtaining 3 stars on Utopia Level 4-30. The strategy presented returns a score of 95,390.

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Rank: Pig Leader through 10655 points

Well, this is embarrassing… I have actually the top score and I don’t remember what I did. Just that my initially shot was equivalent to the walkthrough.

Rank: Sling God with 43715 points
burpie !! I can’t make average and you cant remember lol..that’s a not great combination for me haha..anything? think guy kidding congrats on the trophy yet if you remember anything…*in a tiny voice says “help me assist me* ;)

Kathy, I remember that I experimented through several ideas… unfortunately I completed the rest of the game before posting anypoint and also by then I’d forgotten what I did below.Just currently I replayed the level for a few minutes however that hasn’t jogged my memory. Sorry!

Burpie. I simply beat your score and I’m not positive what I did either. Like you, I was exploring with different ideologies when it all came together. For what it’s worth, this is just how I accomplished my 112k score.

1st shot: Like the video. Only scored 32ksecond shot: Off the upper bumper into the far hitting the left medium boulder. Minimal damages to left side of planet. Both pigs survived.3rd shot: Terrence found the sweet spot for the structures on the reduced side of the earth and damaged all three of them.4th shot: Desperation swarm off the top bumper right into the 11:00 pig. Due to the fact that tbelow were two pigs separated by the medium boulder, I assumed the best I could hope for was to kill the first pig and press the boulder right into the second one for a score of about 103k. But Terrence jumped the boulder after killing the initially pig, recorded a item of the second pig, and continued on damaging a lot of of the debris on the left side of the earth.

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Sorry, but I can’t offer precise aiming points for the shots because I’m not sure where I swarm them myself. Especially the fourth desperation shot.