One strategy for Angry Birds Seasons Back to School level 1-18 is to fling the blue bird at a low arch so as to break-up the bottom left ice beams, bring about the left side of the framework to collapse. We then fired the pink bird into the pile of debris and supplied her bubbles to rack up some points. Now it’s just a issue of taking out the far right pig via the blue bird. The score in the video is 83,700.

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Rank: Avian Overlord through 18080 points
Rank: Pig Leader via 11235 points

your welcome! I had the ability to enhance the score to 95,810 with this strat. It all relies on that initially shot with the bluebirds and also how much of the framework decides to fall down :)

cali_mother. Just also include to it a bit, lining up the pad of the slingshot to the allude in the slingswarm structure, lines up the pink bird perfectly for the second swarm.

I used the exact same strat. Some observations: I aimed the first bird a small reduced than in the video, so that the wooden triangle to the left drops down in the pit to the right. This provides it a bit simpler for the rest of the structure to come crashing dvery own.

Key for the second bird is to lift the horizontal wood beam that the little bit pig rests on, over the apples (?).

I gained combined results when the triangle fell into the pit – most the moment it didn’t break & it simply ended up being somepoint else for all the falling hardwood & glass to pile up on without breaking. You need a minimum of 40k after the first swarm to score high. I agree through second swarm you definately should lift the wooden plank the pig sits on, you likewise need to knock the much right side over. Eincredibly point you deserve to get from the apples & the umbrellas helps below.

Cali_mom! Not much to include various other than it took a day of flinging to inflict damages on many of the debris. On the second shot I found more damage the lower I might obtain pink to lift more stuff. Got to get all the apples in the pit also.

Good strategy… yet it fetches more points if you able to drop the pink bird between the best many pig and the others on left.

cali_mom. The higher points depend on the devastation of the initially bird and also getting all the red items via falling debris. Fun level to play.

I can’t do this at all. I’ve used the blue bird to hit eextremely area possible to bottom left o the structure but the most it does is take out the pig on that side. The left triangle will wobble as soon as I hit it but nopoint else falls dvery own.

NdI haven’t gained 3 stars yet, absolutely no expert. But I recently determined how to obtain the left side to collapse via bird 1. Aim for the lower left compartment with a pig in it, and tap at the last moment so that all 3 birds go into the space. As lengthy as they knock out the vertical ice beams, and also the floor, the top area should collapse.

Now I simply need to figure out swarm 2…

Finally acquired 3 stars!

89450 on a 2-birder:

Shot 1 is pretty much like the video. The key is to clear as much of the left side as feasible (including the pit), and also have actually falling debris take out the reduced left umbrellas. At this point, you have to have the lower middle pig, ice block up left of that pig and also pigs up right and also best.

Shot 2: Send Stella crashing via that ice block to pop the lower middle pig and also cause as soon as she wedges versus the appropriate side of the cavity. This have to lift the various other 2 pigs and pick up some debris. Falling debris and 20k bonus should put you over the 3-star thresorganize. :)

admins / various other players.

Started playing the difficulty earlier, yet given that then have actually downloaded the latest “Egg Snatchers” upday, and currently tright here are 2 really massive power up icons at the top left of the display. I cannot check out just how to eliminate them in settings, but they take up screen area, are a real distractivity and spoil the game. How deserve to they be removed? Thanks.

sal9. It gets worse though. “Allaka-bam” pop-ups currently eexceptionally few flings, and pigs unexpectedly turning right into gift boxes also to promote power-ups. Sorry to sound so harsh however I think Rovio have taken corpoprice greed to a brand-new level this time, and also totally spoiled their product in the process. I’ve been a vast fan of Seasons for years, and also always rated it in the past as a 5-star, worth for money game. What a shame.

Ok I’ve been trying not to do this, I’ve organized earlier lengthy sufficient, 2 weeks back i achieved 93k , ya i recognize not such a bad score, you say, yet i need even more, no i really require like 1,850k even more to accomplish my goal.. i have been good , never before also sassist a word word right here, yet now i gotta let it out..Puhlezzzzeeee AngryBirdsGoddess. , really Puhlezzzzeeee!!! Im not asking a lot, not asking for the trophy , just a couple of measly points!!? I understand that looks kinda prefer feet but i think it’s prayer hands,, and you recognize now i gotta throw in the WwwwHhhhiiiinnnneeee? just a few even more points please, I’ve been patient…

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