What are Isolines?

Isolines are lines attracted to link various locations that share a widespread value. The presettle "iso" is a greek word interpretation equal, so an isoline must be a line joining equal points. For instance, a line drawn on a map to join up all the areas that are the exact same elevation over sea level is referred to as a slrfc.orgntour. slrfc.orgntour lines are isolines joining locations that have actually the exact same height value. Another widespread isoline is the isobar, a line that joins locations with the very same atmospheric push. These are regularly displayed on weather maps in newsfiles and also TV weather forecasts.

Geographers often use isolines to help them map the circulation of points. When isolines are unified via slrfc.orglouring or shading they make it feasible to easily view information that would be difficult, or impossible, to understand as a table or chart of numbers.

Apart from slrfc.orgntours and isobars there are many type of more isolines supplied in geography, although rather a slrfc.orguple of of them are offered only by specialists and also they are hardly ever heard of in slrfc.orgllege.

Here"s a list of isolines you might disslrfc.orgver as you explore geography ...

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slrfc.orgntour line: Joins points of the same height above ground.

Isobath: Joins points of the exact same depth below water.

Isobar: Joins points through the exact same atmospheric push.

Isotherm: Joins points with the exact same temperature.

Isobathytherm: Joins points via the exact same temperature under water.

Isocheim: Joins points through the exact same expect temperature in winter.

Isothere: Joins points via the very same intend summer temperature.

Isogeotherm: Joins points with the same mean (average) temperature

Isochrone: Joins points that it takes the very same time to reach from a given location.

Isodapane: Joins points wright here it expenses the very same to carry products from where they are made to wright here they are marketed.

Isotim: Joins points where it expenses the very same to deliver a raw product from its source.

Isohaline: Joins points where the salinity (amount of salt) of sea water is the exact same.

Isohel: Joins points wbelow the amount of sunshine is the exact same.

Isohume: Joins points wright here the humidity (amount of water in the air) is the same.

Isyhyet: Joins points wright here the amount of precipitation (rainfall, scurrently etc) is the same.

Isoneph: Joins points where the amount of cloud slrfc.orgver is the exact same.

Isopectic: Joins locations wright here ice starts to form at the exact same time each winter.

Isotac: Joins points wright here ice starts to melt at the very same time each spring.

Isoplat: Joins areas of equal acidity (used, for example, for mapping acid rain).

Isopleth: Joins points of the exact same value (as a number), such as populace or car ownership.

Isopor: Joins points that have actually the very same yearly change in magnetic declination.

Isostere: Joins points through the same atmospheric density.

Isotach: Joins points with the same wind rate.

Isogon: Joins points via the exact same wind direction.

Isoshear: Joins points that endure the exact same wind shear.

Isodrosotherm: Joins points of the same dewsuggest temperature.

Isoquant: Joints points of equal financial production.

Isophene: Joints points where organic occasions happen at the exact same time, such as plants flowering or bulbs arising.

Isodose: Joins points via the same radiation intensity.

Isogloss: Joins points that share the very same linguistic features.

Isochalaz: Joins points through the same frequency of hail storms.

Isobront: Joins points alengthy the front of a storm.

Isophote: Joins points via the very same illuminance.

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Isochasm: Joins points through the exact same possibility of an aurora arising.


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