BCScience Grade 2 (June 2016)2Big Idea: Materials deserve to be adjusted with physical and chemical processes.

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NTK-6 Science and Technology Curriculum (NWT, 2004)5Matter and also Materials: Properties of and also Changes in Matter
NUK-6 Science and also Technology Curriculum (NWT, 2004)5Matter and also Materials: Properties of and Changes in Matter
YTScience Grade 2 (British Columbia, June 2016)2Big Idea: Materials can be readjusted with physical and also chemical procedures.
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How do you go from flour, sugar, and also eggs to cookies? Or from fruit juice to popsicles? Making food is all about changes! These can be physical transforms or chemical transforms.

Physical Changes

A physical adjust is a adjust in the state of matter. There are three major claims of issue - solid, liquid and also gas.

If you freeze fruit juice to make a popsicle, this is a readjust in state. The juice changes from a liquid to a solid. Ice cream melting on a warm day is additionally a change in state. The ice cream transforms from a solid to a liquid. The juice and also ice cream are still juice and also ice cream, even as soon as they readjust from one state of matter to an additional.

Misconception Alert

Sometimes once you prepare a liquid it becomes a solid, choose when a raw egg becomes a scrambled egg. This is not a readjust in state. Changes in state deserve to usually be reversed. You can’t readjust scrambled eggs ago right into raw eggs!

If you break somepoint huge right into smaller sized pieces, this is also a physical readjust. When you grate a item of cheese for your pizza, you are altering the block of cheese. The cheese is still cheese, even though the little shreds don’t look favor the block of cheese you started through.


Left to right: Frozen fruit treats, melting ice cream and also grated cheese (Sources: LauriPatterboy by means of iStockphoto, Collin BH through iStockphoto and also (sergio_kumer through iStockphoto).


Sometimes physical transforms are difficult to see. If you put some sugar right into water and also stir, shortly you wouldn’t be able to view the sugar. It hasn’t disappeared! The sugar has actually just been broken dvery own into pieces that are as well small to see. 

It’s prefer if you mixed a couple of red candies into a huge bag of blue candies. The red candies can be difficult to check out, yet they’re still there. 

Chemical Changes

chemical change is a adjust in what somepoint is made of. We can tell that a chemical readjust has actually occurred by searching for specific clues. 

One clue is gas. Gas is created throughout a chemical change. The next time you bake a cake or flip a pancake, look for the bubbles. Inside each bubble is a tiny little bit of a gas. This gas is made once the ingredients readjust each various other. 

Bubbles help make the food you bake fluffy. If you reduced right into a cake, you can check out the spaces wright here there were bubbles of gas in the wet batter.

Misconception Alert

Not all bubbles come from chemical transforms. When you mix batter via a whisk, you might view bubbles. These are simply air that gets trapped in the batter throughout whisking.

Speaking of gas… Smell is the second clue that a chemical adjust is happening. Sour milk, rotten bananas and mouldy cheese all make smells. These smells warn us not to eat this food. Food that’s rotten or mouldy could make us sick. 

But there are many type of smelly foods items that are perfectly safe to eat! Blue cheese and Durian fruit have actually exceptionally strong smells. They will not harm you unless you are allergic to them. Everyone has various tastes. Lots of people love foodstuffs via distinct odours. 

Did you know?

Some people say Durian fruit smells like paint thinner and onions, through a hint of stinky gym socks!

Can you think of nice smells that can come from the kitchen? The smell of baking breview or roasting turessential are indicators that chemical changes are happening!


From left to right: People smelling fresh bread, roast turvital and simmering soup (Sources: gpointstudio through iStockphoto, FG Trade using iStockphoto and eclipse_imperiods through iStockphoto).


The third clue is a change in colour. Think of the perfect gold brvery own you deserve to obtain when you toast marshmenables over a fire. Or that dark brown colour once you accidentally burn it. Whoops! 

When tomatoes readjust colour from green to red, that means they are prepared to eat. When bananas change from yellow to babsence, that indicates they are not good to eat anymore.


Toasted marshmallows, burned toast and overripe, ripe and under ripe bananas (Elenathewise by means of iStockphoto, ImageDB by means of iStockphoto and also kolesnikovserg through iStockphoto).


Colour readjust deserve to be a tricky clue. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a readjust in colour is bereason of a physical adjust or a chemical readjust. 

Imagine that you add red food colouring to white icing. Now you have actually pink icing. Do you think this is a physical adjust or a chemical change? Remember stirring sugar in water? Food colouring functions the very same method. The colour simply spreads with the icing. It doesn’t change the icing itself. This is a physical readjust.

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Physical and also Chemical Changes (2018) by Chemistry for Kids FreeSchool (5:23 min)


So exactly how deserve to you tell if a change is physical or chemical? Ask yourself:

Is the substance the exact same point now as it was before the change? If it’s the very same, it is a physical change. If it isn’t, it is a chemical readjust.Was tbelow a change in colour or smell? Was a gas formed? If any kind of of these points taken place, it was a chemical change.Can the change be reversed easily? If so, it was a physical adjust.

Your kitchen deserve to be an amazing laboratory to check out the human being of chemistry!