A height Christian apologist responds to 10 popular inquiries human being are asking around the Holy bible and faith.

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You don"t honestly think all that stuff in the Bible!"Challenged by her friends, and later on as a student by theological teachers, Amy Orr-Ewing was established to leave no stone unturned in her eagerness to prove that the Bible was distinctive and also wholly reliable. Her passion drove her to complete an comprehensive examine of the answers to ten of the the majority of generally elevated objections she encountered, including:* Isn"t it all a matter of interpretation?* Can we recognize anything about history?* Are the original manuscripts reliable?* What about the canon?* What about other holy books?* Isn"t the Holy bible sexist?* What about all the wars?* Isn"t the Bible out of date on sex?* How can I know?Sensitively yet convincingly, the writer addresses the issues and also the disagreements, mirroring that we have actually eincredibly reason to trust the Scriptures now.
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About the Author
Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing is an global writer, speaker and theologian that addresses the deep inquiries of our day via systematic answers found in the Christian belief. She has actually composed Where is God in All the Suffering? and also But Is It Real? Amy has actually addressed the UK Parliament, and also has spoken to staffers on Capitol Hill and also at the West Wing of the White Housage. She on a regular basis responds to invitations to sheight in financial institutions, businesses, churches and conferences. She is interested in the intersection of inquiries of definition and faith with the marketarea, education and also plan making.Amy holds a doctorate in Theology from the College of Oxford. She is the co-founder of REBOOT, an imaginative youth initiative to assist teenagers think deeply around faith, which now runs in countries all over the civilization.
Press Reviews

This wonderful book confronts ten challenging inquiries about the Holy bible via honesty and also conviction. It will certainly be inhandy to anyone wrestling through these concerns, or trying to aid others that wrestle via them.

- Rev Professor Alister McGrath

Amy is among the foremost British evangelists and also apologists of our generation.

- Nicky Gumbel

In a sceptical age, wright here myths and also presumptions about the Bible swirl ever before about, there’s a critical must demonstrate that tright here are extremely excellent factors to trust it. In her wondercompletely available book, Amy Orr-Ewing has taken some of the latest scholarship about the Bible and also its origins and made it obtainable for a vast audience — and also as she does, reflects wbelow there are countless reasons, whether one is a doubter or a disciple, to take the Bible seriously.

- Dr Andy Bannister

Amy Orr-Ewing is one of the a lot of important Christian communicators in the English-speaking people, and also in this brand-new edition of Why Trust the Bible? she mirrors specifically why. Dr Orr-Ewing is simultaneously intelligent and also entertaining, convincing and also sympathetic to those who doubt the totality present. I cannot recommfinish this book sufficient, and I look forward to providing ameans copies to my sceptical friends.

- Dr John Dickson

Amy does a good task laying out a case for the relicapability of the Holy bible right here. In a time where the validity of the Bible is a major question, this is a much-needed reresource.

- Lisa Fields

Dr Orr-Ewing addresses key inquiries around the reliability of the Bible and also the coherence of a Biblical worldsee, deftly managing worries of conmessage and presuppositions, and relocating adroitly via the counterarguments. The opening chapters lay a solid structure by untangling postmodern and post-postcontemporary anxieties over hermeneutics and also epistemology. Subsequent chapters benefit from her prodiscovered awareness of the present social landscape and also her ability at reframing our inquiries in more advantageous and also elucidating ways to get at the heart of the matter. Refreshing, informative, and also engaging. This is a book to buy in bulk to share through others!

- Dr Susan Griffith

In 2005, as a Christian undergraduate showing up at a secular university, Amy Orr-Ewing’s recently released Why Trust The Bible? came to be a lifeline to me. Thturbulent her distinctive combination of sharp scholarship, clear cultural evaluation, and empathetic tone, Orr-Ewing equipped me with the devices to respond to an onslaught of objections carried not just against the relicapability of the Holy bible, yet also the character of the Christian God. Due to the fact that then, I have actually bought this book many times over to replace the duplicates that I retained giving amethod to those looking for truth however uncertain wbelow to find it. In this revised edition of Why Trust The Bible?, Orr-Ewing not just strengthens the case for scriptural relicapacity by presenting some of the latest findings in New Testimony criticism and Qur’anic manumanuscript research study, yet she also uses a compelling and also compassionate response to the accusations of sexism and bigoattempt so typically directed at the Holy bible in a culture saturated by identity politics. My advice? Buy at least two copies: one to keep, and also one to offer ameans.

- Dr Jo Vitale

I constantly think there are three measures to faith in Christ. 1. You have to obtain the indevelopment about him from the Scriptures. 2. You then need to make certain it"s true. And 3. You have to act on it and follow him. In this book, Amy simply does the most remarkable task of helping us all via step 2.

- Rico Tice

Brilliant! Tough inquiries deserve clear and also convincing answers. This is state-of-the-art apologetics that requirements no apology. Amy’s fascinating, wise and also indevelopmental comments impressively respond to a lot of the superficial and generally untested debunking of the Scriptures that we fulfill anywhere today.A must-check out for eincredibly armchair movie critic, chronicler and also philosopher. User-friendly and also excellent fun too!

- Greg Haslam

A profoundly useful book... thoughtful, intelligent, wise answers.

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- J.John

Insightful and also intellectual. We all have actually concerns and also it deserve to be difficult to number out wbelow to go for answers. In her book Why Trust the Bible? Dr Amy Orr-Ewing addresses some of the the majority of prevalent tensions surrounding Scripture, with grace and fact. Adding brand-new insights and also responses, Dr Amy philosophies each concern with surgical-favor wisdom and a stunning heart to check out human being involved know the true answer of life – Jesus.