In the wake of their initially documentary's success, Peter and also Sam seek a brand-new situation and also resolve on a stomach-churning mystery at a Washington high school.

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This true crime satire from the minds behind comedy website Funny or Die earned an Emmy nomicountry and a Peabody Award.
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American Vandal (Trailer)
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A high school is rocked by an act of vandalism, yet the height suspect pleads innocence and also finds an ally in a filmmaker. A satirical true crime mystery.

When senior course clown Dylan Maxwell is expelled for vandalism, sophoeven more Peter Maldonado starts an investigation that questions Dylan's guilt.

Key witness Alex Trimboli's account of the occurrence comes under fire as soon as other students doubt his boasts of drunkenness and also sexual exploits.

Peter scrutinizes the motives of Ms. Shapiro, the Spanish teacher that testified versus Dylan. Anvarious other teacher makes a surpclimbing accusation.

Peter takes a close look at the " Sexactly how Nine," a group of students -- consisting of Peter and Sam -- that had accessibility to the absent security footage.

After the documentary goes viral, Peter deals with publicity and sorts with miscellaneous fan theories. Video evidence from a party offers brand-new hints.

As Peter and Sam proceed to gather information, they run afoul of the college administration and also might shed accessibility. Dylan prepares for his trial.

Peter and also Sam follow a lead that could disclose the vandal’s main target, and also a new concept provides them hope that they may ultimately resolve the situation.

Peter is required to reckon via his actions and also attempts to learn lessons in the aftermath of the documentary. But the examination can not more than.

In the wake of their first documentary's success, Peter and Sam look for a new instance and clear up on a stomach-churning mystery at a Washington high school.

Peter and Sam travel to a prestigious private high institution in Bellevue, Washington, to record the story of a filthy vandal referred to as the " Burglar."

Peter and also Sam highlight Kevin McClain and his friendships as they begin to break down the variation of events sustained by the school and also police.

As Peter learns more about basketball star DeMarcus Tillman, he uncovers proof of athletes obtaining preferential therapy at St. Bernardine.

As Sam and also Peter comb via digital hints, they hope a modern technology glitch could open up some new leads. But a low-tech exploration leaves them reeling.

A previous janitor becomes a potential crucial witness, however Peter and Sam struggle to track him dvery own. On the other hand, they examine a student trip to Costa Rica.

An intercheck out through a previous St. Bernardine student provides the guys confidence that they're on the appropriate track via their many current concept.

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A student's sudden absence of collaboration slows the examination, but an occurrence in the college parking lot sends out Peter and also Sam down a brand-new course.

Who is the Turd Burglar, and also why did they perform it? Are Peter and also Sam still chasing the reality, or has it been best under their nose the totality time?

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