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When Helena sassist it of Hermia, she didn’t suppose it kindly:

O, when she’s angry, she is keen and also shrewd!She was a vixen as soon as she saw school;And though she be yet bit, she is fierce.

Indeed Hermia took them as fighting words:

‘Little’ again! nothing yet ‘low’ and also ‘little’!Why will you suffer her to flout me thus?Let me involved her.

But at some allude this century, the last line of Helena’s quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream has actually been claimed as a compliment to girls everywhere: And though she be yet little bit, she is fierce.

Here are eight means to decorate your residence, your baby, or yourself via this Shakespeare quote:


Perhaps you’d choose a rustic wooden authorize, $20.


Or probably a lovely fldental print is even more your rate, $13.99 and up.


Go massive and also go home (see what I did there?) with this gold wall decal, $23.45 and up.


Perhaps you’d prefer to say it with a greeting card, $4.06 each.


Dress your little but fierce frifinish in this adorable onesie, multiple colors, $18.


Maybe you’d likea stamped necklace through your choice of cinjury, $16.


Or this beautiful stamped cuff, multiple fonts and materials available, $8.45 and also up.


Last yet not leastern, say it through cross-stitch, pattern just, $3.96.

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