Alexander has actually just opened a bakery & café in a busy New York City area. He has received an SBA-guaranteed microloan of $13,000. Alexander deserve to usage the microloan for every one of the complying with, EXCEPT:

a. to pay for a new declaring campaign

b. to buy a new dough mixer

c. to pay rent and also energy bills for the building

d. to pay off outstanding business-related credit card bills

Isabella owns 100 shares of IBM ________ stock, which implies she has voting civil liberties on firm decisions at IBM, yet just residual claims on the company’s assets.

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a. common

b. pricipal

c. management

d. preferred

All of the complying with are duties of the board of directors of a corporation EXCEPT ________.

a. authorizing major transactions of the corporation

b. hiring the corporation"s chief executive officer

c. guaranteeing the payment of cash dividends eexceptionally year

d. electing its own officers

which of the complying with persons is LEAST likely to become an entrepreneur?

a. A calm, low-energy person

b. An intelligent person

c. A versatile person

d. An inquisitive person

The ________ is a lot of most likely an instance of public ownership.

a. trucking company

b. city drain system

c. tv company

d. movie theater

The stock of Old Germany type of Brewery is entirely owned by the Prechter family members. When the family elected to move from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, the best problem was ________.

a. there could be family members squabbles

b. double taxation

c. choosing work assignments

d. exactly how to limit liability

The major factors people become entrepreneurs include every one of the adhering to factors EXCEPT:

a. to end up being a financial success.

b. to be one’s very own boss.

c. to create one’s own project defense.

d. to produce employment avenues for various other world.

Although the average farm size has increased in current years the majority of farmers run as ________ businesses.

a. partnerships

b. large

c. government owned

d. small

James is placing together a service arrangement for his brand-new bookstore and café. Which of the complying with will certainly NOT be part of his service plan?

a. An overwatch of prospective customers that identifies their needs

b. An detailed, itemized budget for the entire fiscal year

c. An outline of what makes the firm distinctive

d. An executive summary that covers the who, what, wright here, why, as soon as, and also just how of the business

Which kind of merger outcomes in lessened competition within the very same industry?

a. vertical merger

b. horizontal merger

c. conglomeprice merger

d. joint venture

The maximum variety of shareholders is restricted to ________ for a firm to qualify as a subchapter S corporation.

a. 50

b. 75

c. 25

d. 100

___________ should verify in writing the accuracy of their corporation"s financial statements.

a. government officials

b. stockholders

c. CEOs and also CFOs

d. board members

___________ use their very own resources supplemented through federal government loans to invest in tiny businesses.

a. Microloans

b. Franchisors

c. Small Firm Investment Companies (SBICs)

d. Joint ventures

Michael is a successful financial advisor looking to invest money straight right into a brand-new consulting service in return for equity in the agency. Michael is an example of a(n) ________.

a. entrepreneur

b. angel investor

c. intrepreneur

d. aerial entrepreneur

Anita establimelted a corporation in Nebraska, yet she recently relocated to Coloracarry out wright here she now conducts her service. What form of corporation does Anita own?

a. nationwide corporation

b. alien corporation

c. international corporation

d. residential corporation

Angie wants to be her very own boss, however she doesn’t have an principle for a financially rewarding business. What could Angie perform to help her determine a successful service idea?

a. Make a list of her interests and abilities and also a list of businesses that enhance these interests and also abilities

b. Pick an industry that is not experiencing a lot of change

c. Ask her friends and also household for suggestions

d. Identify the a lot of famous providers in her area and also create a replica business

Make a list of her interests and abilities and also a list of businesses that enhance these interests and abilities

An acquisition occurs when ________.

a. owners of tiny suppliers band also together to run their businesses collectively

b. one agency purchases the property and assumes the responsibilities of an additional company

c. 2 or more firms incorporate to develop a solitary company

d. one corporation owns 8 percent of the stock of an additional corporation

After starting a internet style company while still in college, Rodrigo marketed the agency after graduation. He then opened up a computer repair shop; and the majority of freshly, he has actually began a marketing firm that specializes in social media. Rodrigo is an example of a(n):

a. social entrepreneur.

b. timeless entrepreneur.

c. lifestyle entrepreneur.

d. serial entrepreneur.

Franz and Arlene had an principle for a different form of ice cream. They struggled to open their very own small service, and later, to expand manufacturing and distribution. Their commodities are dispersed nationwide and their sales proceed to increase. Franz and also Arlene are examples of ________.

a. classic entrepreneurs

b. adjust agents

c. social entrepreneurs

d. serial entrepreneurs

According to surveys, the biggest lenders to small businesses are ________ .

a. crmodify card companies

b. family members members

c. investors

d. commercial banks

Concerning education and learning and also entrepreneurs, every one of the following statements are correct EXCEPT:

a. Some colleges and also colleges sell entrepreneurship courses external the usual service curriculum.

b. Hundreds of colleges and also universities offer classes in entrepreneurship.

c. Obtaining a college level in entrepreneurship is crucial before founding your very own company.

d. Some colleges and universities sponsor service setup contests.

________ are pioneers of inventions that advantage humanity.

a. classical entrepreneurs

b. social entrepreneurs

c. adjust agents

d. atypical entrepreneurs

United Airlines" purchase of Continental Airlines combines the sources and capabilities of both firms to produce the world"s biggest airline. The recently created firm is an example of a _____________.

a. joint venture

b. horizontal merger

c. conglomeprice merger

d. vertical merger

Owners of small businesses ca boost their possibilities of success if they:

a. incorporate their company.

b. understand also their very own restrictions.

c. hire just family members members or friends.

d. end up being an expert in legal, financial, marketing, and also other related organization areas.

Many businesses fail in the time of the early years because of ________.

a. unencouraged owners

b. niche marketers

c. poor planning

d. poor financing

The ________ market represents the biggest percent of minority-owned businesses.

a. Transportation

b. Finance

c. Service

d. Retail

Kayla is opening a house wellness treatment business that she knows will perform well in her community based on prior research. Although she should repay obtained funds, Kayla chooses to keep complete regulate over the company without having actually to answer to investors or partners.

a. undertaking financing

b. single proprietor financing

c. debt financing

d. equity financing

Small-service owners desire to recognize whether their service providers satisfy the requirements for small-business designation because:

a. banks are more most likely to grant them loans.

b. they execute not need to pay taxes on their earnings.

c. incorporation is less complicated for them.

d. federal government agencies sell benefits designed to assist small businesses complete through bigger firms.

In 2009, Walmart began functioning in addition to another company in India by forming a __________ with Bharti Enterprises, Inc., among India"s leading business teams.

a. joint venture

b. vertical merger

c. subsidiary

d. horizontal merger

single proprietorships have every one of the complying with benefits EXCEPT________.

a. ease of formation

b. ease of liquidation

c. infinite life

d. earnings topic just to a solitary tax

Dina is a solitary mommy that is required to occupational evenings and also weekends at a regional retail save. She is thinking of starting a consulting business mostly so she deserve to ________.

a. boost her project security

b. become her very own boss

c. guarantee her financial success

d. reap a higher quality of life

The Small Firm Administration (SBA) offers every one of the following EXCEPT:

a. access to undertaking capitalists

b. service incubators

c. advice from reworn down executives

d. loan guarantees

Lucia is a chief financial officer in a huge corporation. Her obligations encompass the full financial authority to make appropriations and also authorize expenditures. Lucia is most likely to be a member of ________ administration.

a. middle

b. supervisory

c. top

d. advisory

Ben is the owner of a tiny mushroom farm in Pennsylvania. Ben would certainly favor to sign up with with various other growers to produce an company that will promote and also distribute mushrooms. The develop of ownership that would certainly be most suited for the growers is the ________.

a. open up corporation

b. cooperative

c. joint venture

d. government-owned collective

Information modern technology deserve to aid entrepreneurs in every one of the complying with methods EXCEPT:

a. carry out boosted customer service.

b. encertain financial success.

c. job a skilled photo.

d. job-related quickly and also properly.

If service owners in a partnership wish to limit licapability, they have actually the choice to ________.

a. pledge funds

b. divide into single proprietorships

c. put up a limited partnership

d. withorganize funds

Logan is an entrepreneur who takes personal responsibility for the success or faitempt of his actions fairly than believing in luck or fate. Which characteristic ideal explains Logan’s entrepreneurial philosophy?

a. interior locus of control

b. tolerance for ambiguity

c. tolerance for failure

d. should achieve

Louis functions as an artist for a significant textile firm and created a modern technology for creating designs. The agency will implement Louis’s concept as component of its ________ strategy.

a. seed capital

b. skunkworks

c. entrepreneurship

d. angel investment

Assume that Microsoft decides to invest some of its excess cash by gaining fellow Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee. This would certainly be a ________.

a. conglomerate merger

b. vertical merger

c. joint venture

d. horizontal merger

When the Small Business Administration (SBA) assists a tiny company in applying for a significant loan, it acts as the lender’s ________.

a. savings and loan association

b. Guarantor

c. Bank

d. credit union

Devon and also Keith opened a restaurant as a partnership. Two years later on, Keith left the restaurant, and also Devon uncovered that Keith had actually charged numerous prices to their account. These prices resulted in hundreds of dollars’ worth of debt for the restaurant. What alternative does Devon have actually in this situation?

a. He doesn’t need to concern because, according to regulation, everyone is responsible for his/her own debts.

b. Firm creditors will certainly intend full payment from Devon.

c.Company creditors will certainly mean Devon to pay at leastern half the debt given that he owns 50 percent of the service.

d. Company creditors will pursue Keith alone given that his signature authorized payments

Firm creditors will expect full payment from Devon.

The joining of Chemical Bank and also Chase Manhattan Bank was an example of a ________.

a. joint venture

b. conglomeprice merger

c. horizontal merger

d. vertical merger

horizontal merger

Jada is opening her own bakery. Jada is an instance of a(n) ________.

a. minority executive

b. manager

c. venture capitalist

d. entrepreneur


Which of the following is the leading reason of today"s small organization failures?

a. location

b. bad assets and/or services

c. monitoring shortcomings

d. no marketing plan

monitoring shortcomings

Elian desires to start a organization. He takes a personality test and also discovers he possesses a trait that may reduce the likelihood he will certainly succeed. Which of the complying with is that trait?

a. low tolerance for risk

b. vision

c. inner locus of control

d. creativity

low tolerance for threat

If Smith Steel buys Kennedy Iron Ore to assure itself of a consistent circulation of ore, this is an instance of a ________.

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a. subsidiary corporation

b. vertical merger

c. domestic company

d. conglomeprice company

vertical merger

Corporations have actually every one of the complying with benefits EXCEPT ________.

a. limitless life

b. restricted liability

c. expanded financial capacity

d. favorable taxation treatment

favorable tax treatment