Now we all understand Alicia Keys is naturally beautiful, it’s simply a fact. Ever since announcing that she’s maintaining to a strictly no makeup beauty routine, she’s gone to the top of everyone’s skin goals list. But I think that it’s time to not only highlight beauty yet let’s acquire into her exceptional fashion feeling on The Voice!

Alicia’s style is simple, yet funky at the very same time. You’ll always discover her upgrading her look via either a distinct pattern, accessory, or also hairstyle!


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Alicia’s The Voice Blinds look basically included it all! The pattern of her peak provides full trendsetter vibes alongside her cool earrings that I wouldn’t be surprised are among a kind! Do I also have to cite the hair? Alicia has always made certain that her hair likewise becomes a part of her fashion statements. And to be hoswarm that else can rock rainbow colored braids choose her so effortlessly? No one, no one, no oneeeee.

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This look best below completely shows her New York sense of style. The dark denim on babsence is basically a typical look in “the concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. But of course to provide it that Alicia Keys flair this isn’t your constant cut denim jacket, it’s asymmetrical & unconventional style is what makes it pop! Also the clues of colored strand also from her hair execute, adds that touch of shade she always likes to have actually.


While coaching her team, alongside previous winner Chris Blue, Alicia opted for a fun sporty look yet kept it stylish. The bold red on her jacket keeps all eyes on her while rocking her signature statement earrings and also fun double top bun! Simple, yet perfect.

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And once again Alicia Keys slays, even though she looks surprised the style level of her look is not! In her LBD (Little Babsence Dress) this is one of the few times we didn’t catch that pop of color she commonly has actually and I completely check out why! It wasn’t necessary. She focused the fun even more on her remarkable up do that when aobtain, only she deserve to pull off. Looking at the season so far not just does it look like Alicia has actually the strongest team in the competition, she likewise has actually the strongest style game.