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An acid, stood for by the formula HA, is a chemical compound that, when liquified in water, results in a solution whose hydrogen ion task is greater than in pure water (a pH much less than 7.0). It wasn"t until the 17th century that an acid was properly defined. Amateur chemist Robert Boyle identified acids as having actually the properties of sour taste, corrosiveness to materials, and also becoming much less acidic once mixed via bases. A base, at leastern one interpretation of a base, is a chemical that is oppowebsite of acids. When a base is included to an acid, neutralization occurs. Where-as acids rise the hydronium ion concentration in water, bases decrease it (oppowebsite result of an acid). According to Boyle, bases have a slippery feeling and come to be much less fundamental once mixed with acids.

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Required materials

Red cabbage leavesWaterBowlColanders (food strainer)VinegarLemon juice (fresh squeezed or lemonade)Bicarbonate of soda (aka: baking soda)Laundry detergentSeveral glass jars of the exact same dimension (vials preferred)Eye-dropper (optional)

Estimated Experiment Time

About 45 minutes to an hour

Step-By-Tip Procedure


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Cut your cabbage leaves into little pieces.2. Boil several cups of water. They"ll must be enough water to submerge your cut cabbage pieces in the future.3. Place your cut cabbage in a bowl. Pour the boiling water right into the bowl. Let the cabbage pieces soak for at leastern thirty minutes (your water have to end up being a dark-purplish color).4. Sepaprice the cooled "cabbage juice" from the leaves. You can either take the cabbage out through a holed-spoon or pour the bowl of cabbage juice into a strainer over another bowl, enabling the strainer to filter-out the cabbage pieces.5. Line up your glass jars, around one or two inches acomponent. Pour some of each chemical (vinegar, lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, and also laundry detergent) right into each jar.6.

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Now it"s time to test if your chemical is an acid or a base. Pour a dash of your cabbage juice right into each jar/vial. To prevent putting too a lot, you may want to use an eye-dropper. You may additionally must swirl your mixture roughly a little. What happens to each mixture of cabbage juice and also chemical? If your mixture turned pink, your chemical is an acid. If your mixture turns blue or green, your chemical is a base.


This is an exciting and safe experiment that have the right to be carried out right in your own kitchen with typically easily accessible family members items. If you"re having obstacle getting your "cabbage juice" to work-related as a proper indicator, it"s feasible you didn"t let it soak long enough. It"s recommfinished to let it soak a minimum of thirty minutes, but waiting an hour will certainly be the many efficient.


What various other chemicals can you discover roughly your home that would make good candidays for experimentation as acid or bases? Try making use of toothpaste, fruit, vegetables, and various other common family items. You deserve to even try utilizing beverages. For example, is Gatorade a base or acid? How about Dr. Pepper? Can you guess which are acids and also which are bases prior to mixing your cabbage juice?


Chemicals are either acids or bases. When you left your cabbage soaking in the boiling water, the juice from the cabbage was extracted. The cabbage juice acts as an acid/base indicator. When the indicator is added to the assorted chemicals, the shade changes to show which chemical is an acid and which is a base. The best component is you have the right to save your cabbage juice in a jar for later on testing as an inexpensive acid/base indicator.

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