Choosing the appropriate cookware to fit your kitchen"s demands is vital to the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. There are many kind of different types of cookware to assist you saute vegetables, develop a good soup, or roast the perfect primary entree.

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Types of Cookware

Any well functioning restaurant needs a selection of cookware to produce delicious sauces, casseduties, and sauteed vegetables. Tbelow are many type of cookware options for whatever your food preparation needs may be.


Fry Pan / Sauteuse

Curved side wall surfaces for easy stirring and also sliding food out of the panIdeal for frying, scrambling, sauteing or searingSloped sides proccasion steam from developing in the pan

Saute pan / Sautoir

Wide bottom area for maximum heat conductionIdeal for sauteing, searing, braising, deglazing, poaching, and stir fryingStraight, high sides aid contain food and also expose all sides to heat


Feature level bottoms, or round bottoms for high warmth concentration. Round bottom woks need a wok ring to sit on a conventional burnerIdeal for stir frying or wok applicationsDeep curved sides promote wonderful food movementMandarin woks function a single traditional manage while Cantonese woks function 2 loop handles

Tapered Sauce Pan

Small bottom diameter for much less warmth expocertain Flared sides enable for great stirring action Ideal for food preparation at reduced temperatures for a much longer time

Straight Sided Sauce Pan

Wide bottom location for maximum heat conductionIdeal for developing and reducing sauces and also cooking vegetablesUse with a lid to manage evaporation and also acceleprice cooking

Brazier / Ronexecute Pot

Wide heating surchallenge enables the cooking of meats and vegetables in restricted amounts of liquid Ideal for long, slow-moving cooking which enables the liquid to add juices and flavor Also supplied as a warm bath in conjunction through tapered sauce pans for melting butters, heating sauces or for blanching vegetables

Sauce Pot

Wide bottom area for maximum warmth conduction Ideal for sluggish food preparation stews, sauces, soups, casseroles and roasts while reducing the content Two loop handles for simpler putting and activity

Stock Pot

Thick base for a good sluggish simmer Ideal for stocks, soups, pastas, bulk vegetables and also seafood Smaller diameter and taller height of pot preserves liquids much longer and pressures the liquid to bubble up through the ingredients, maximizing flavor transfer Steam baskets are often offered in stock pots to cook food through steam

Roasting Pan

Handles allow for easy oven loading and also unloading, as well as convenient transportationHeavy duty building and construction and also huge size accommodays roasts, hams, and turkeys

Paella Pan

Flat and also shallow building via sloping sides helps paella prepare evenly and also permits for the toasting of rice in the bottom of the panSide handles enable for basic maneuverabilityCompatible with all warm resources

Egg Poacher

Individual cups repetitively carry out evenly-shaped poached eggsModels easily accessible with 4-15 cups for high volume efficiency

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron heats evenly and repetitively via no "hot spots" so foods cook better with less opportunity of scorchingLong-lasting construction lets it easily go from oven-to-table for fast, reliable organization Ideal for sauteing, searing, frying, and also even baking

Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven

Cast aluminum heats evenly and also repeatedly via no "hot spots" so foods items cook much better through less chance of scorchingIdeal for stews or baked dishesResists sticking and also rustLightweight and straightforward to maneuver approximately a fast paced kitchen

Tubular architecture with a hollow core enables for even heating Ideal for angel food cakes and bundt cakesStraight sides and non-stick surface help the cake riseThree cooling legs permit the cake to cool upside dvery own as compelled

Deep construction allows for high risingPerfect for bcheck out, cake, and also puddingExcellent warmth conduction permits low temperature baking for optimum results

The workhorse of any type of bakeryThin sheet ideal for baking cookies, rolls, and also other foods items that do not create a lot of liquidsUpturned lips prevent commodities from sliding off and allow for basic dealing with

Models accessible via 6 - 48 cups for high volume efficiencyIdeal for mini, traditional, and also jumbo sized muffins or cupcakes

Two-piece construction with removable sides for a basic releaseIdeal for cheesecake, tortes, quiche, and various other dishes that may be difficult to remove from a traditional pan

Straight, fluted sides for a crisp, presentable crustRemovable bottom permits taking out a tart without damaging its crust
Prone to warm spots and also scorching
Great for stationary kitchen application
Type of Handle

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