Towards the end of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Mitch Conner (that definitely isn"t Cartman"s left hand) will show up and carry a regime of terror to the New Kid and Freedom Pals. During the To Catch a Coon story mission, you"ll have to solve numerous riddles collection by Conner to discover areas about tvery own, however if you follow this guide then you"ll gain wbelow you have to be in no time.

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"Go to the location where civilization get their coffee settle."

This first riddle is pretty apparent, and also the game also tells you to go to Tweek Bros. Coffee. Once there, sheight to the male in the red shirt - he"ll hand also you a phone, which Conner will certainly usage to supply the next riddle.

Death Store"A place wbelow fatality comes in all forms and also sizes - go into this keep to find what your prize is."

The second riddle is a small even more tricky, however the place in South Park a lot of associated via fatality (other than the morgue you briefly visit) is Jimbo"s Guns, so head on over there. Inside, take a selfie with the campaigner, to receive the last riddle.

Joy Reigns"I am a place wright here seats hang from chains; component desert, part jungle, wright here happiness reigns."

It does not take a genius to occupational out that this describes the swings, sand and trees/climbing tools of The Playground, so make haste down the street to acquire tright here. You"ll find an additional campaigner to take a selfie with, at which suggest the mission will direct you to the Community Center to reach its conclusion.

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