The Place Beyond the Pines is a film starring Ryan Gosling as a downtrodden motorcycle stuntmale turned mechanic that then turns to robbing banks to obtain the money he demands to support his child. There are multiple cars offered throughout the film and Gosling rides a Honda XR650L during his robberies. The movie has newly come out on cable, so we thought we’d give you guys a rundvery own on Gosling’s bike from the film.

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The Plot of the Film

Gosling’s character is Luke Glanton. As the film opens Glanton is a motorcycle stunt driver in a traveling fair. He finds out that he fathered a son with Romina, played by Eva Mendes, so he quits the fair to spfinish time via his boy Jason and also remain cshed to Romina. Glanton meets Robin, played by Ben Mendelsohn, that provides him a task as a motorcycle mechanic. Firm is sluggish and his pay from the project is not enough to support his son. One day, Robin jokes that they must begin robbing financial institutions. After admitting that he had done a couple of tasks in the previous, he gets Glanton to join him in a crime spree.

The pair pulls a few effective work together once Robin suggests they stop and lay low for a while. Glanton hasn’t had enough, so he insists that they keep going. Robin refuses, even damaging Glanton’s bike. The two break-up over the disagreement and also Glanton continues the crime spree. He is gunned dvery own by Bradley Cooper throughout one final heist. The film then starts to go via a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards, seeming to say that doing the right thing (remaining close to Jason and also Romina) is not constantly the ideal point to execute.

The Honda XR650L

The Honda XR650L is a dual-sport bike. First released as a 1993 version, the bike combines the RFVC engine from the NX650 Dominator via the off-road capable XR600R chassis. The XR650L has been created via extremely few alters because the ’93 version was introduced.

The XR650L is powered by an air-cooled 644 cc engine. The motor is a SOHC, dry-sump, single-cylinder four stroke. The bike also has an electrical starter, headlight, taillight, turn signals, mirrors, and also the exhaust meets US EPA and also The golden state requirements, making it street legal in many states.

Glanton ends up repainting the bike throughout the film. We have the stock colors, and a white and also a babsence shade scheme.

The movie is, um…how to put this politely…not exceptionally good. The characters are strained and also unbelievable. Except for Mendes, the movie is a waste of film. Bike enthusiasts will certainly gain the stunt and chase scenes, though.

Editor’s Note: Personally, I did gain the film, yet the story moves strangely from one character to the following as time progresses. I’m not certain what the filmdevices intended with this narrative tool, however I don’t think it works exceptionally well.

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Interested in an Honda XR650?

You have the right to still buy an XR650L new from Honda. At the moment of his creating, the beginning price is $6690. That said, these bikes are pretty durable, and you deserve to buy a supplied one in excellent shape for less than half this a lot. Others dual-sports in the exact same class including the venerable Kawasaki KLR650, as well as the Suzuki DR650. If you’re interested in a dual-sport, we highly recommend the Adendeavor Rider forum (, and save in mind that you will certainly should insure your bike even if you only ride it off-road–especially if you’re inspired by the stunt riding that takes location in the film. One last note: the XR650 is a fairly tall bike, which deserve to be difficult to ride for shorter riders. Fortunately, it has a variety of smaller sized siblings which you have the right to read around here.