In many kind of suppliers, marketing departments turn into a sort of catch-all: they do lots of work that in the majority of cases are not connected in any type of method to each other.

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A prevalent instance is that a task arrives to the agency and these questions arise:

Would this correspond to the purchasing department? No.Would this correspond to the sales department? No.Would this correspond to the accounting? No.

Then this have to be a task for the marketing department.

However, a firm without a marketing department or at leastern a department in charge of marketing is unconceivable. All companies are being mindful that they must get their message to the client via the marketing department.

If it’s that important, just how come ends up being a ‘does it all’ department? What are the real duties of a marketing department?

In this write-up you"ll find 10 jobs that are the responsibility of the marketing department. All of them have a vital importance in ensuring the survival of your agency.

The 10responsibilities of marketing departments

1. Listening to customer needs

To establish a marketing strategy, it’s crucial to get closer to the clients and also listen in order to discover out what their needs are. It’s a marketing department job, to setup the important indicates for receiving customer feedback:

Company kind of interior channels: Create surveys or capture information of the sales team and customer support (departments closest to the customer) that may be relevant to enhancing or redirecting the marketing techniques later.Channels outside the company: Percreate searcs and develop actions in social networks that assist to better understand also the requirements of users, in order to convert them into customers.


2. Track trends and also monitor competition

Comparable to the previous point, it’s important to recognize the position of the agency regarding the industry and also the competition. That"s why from marketing, you must watch the competition to learn what they perform ideal or to recognize their misabsorbs order to protect against falling into them.

3. Work and also brand also values

Conceptually, a brand also is a representation of the feelings that the commodities, services and firm shares display. The marketing department is responsible for producing and also disseminating imeras, messeras and ideas that finest connect the brand also values.

In addition, you should ensure that all firm departments convey these messeras in a constant and also unified way.

4. Searching for brand-new (and also helpful) marketing" tools

Been updated in all what pertains to the marketing area is a should. That"s why as marketers we must be aware about the new patterns, techniques and digital devices that aclimb by the moment.

Nowadays there are three kinds of marketing tools that need to have a presence in eextremely marketing department:

Product Management tools

Tbelow are many type of kinds of product managementsoftware relying on our product administration regime. It can include devices for Project Tracking (such as Basecamp or Slack); User Feedback, perfect for collecting customers impressions (devices favor SurveyMoncrucial, Canny are useful); and also obviously, analytics tools such as Google Analytics (renowned globally) or Kissmetrics, that are a should to identified the our product success and those internet locations through greatest or lowest interactivity.

Marketing automation tools

The power of this "all in one" platforms is the opportunity of managing and controlling all the procedures of our digital marketing strategy. These devices incorporate the possibility of creating content, landing pages, email marketing, lead nurturing through automated workflows, CRM, and so on.. Hubspot is the perfect example of a finish marketing automation tool.

Product Information Management tools

Maybe you haven"t heard before about it, or probably you recognize it as PIM. This digital solution enables you in real time collecting-storing-analyze-distribute all your product content in all the platforms, marketplaces and also channels wbelow assets are publimelted. Also, it has come to be an ally for the creation and also upday sales materials: catalogs (virtual & offline), price listings, and so on It"s possibilities seem ungenuine, yet it provides more benefits and also benefits for your marketing team, uncover it all in this guide.


5. Coordinate initiatives through those of the marketing partners of the company

Around the business’s marketing tbelow are numerous contributors: publishers, designers, journalists, consultants... The job-related of these contributors need to be aligned through the goals of the company, and also is the department itself who must regulate it to execute so.

6. Innovate

Customers should be surprised, and also eexceptionally day, provided the better sell, they are more demanding via this. The marketing department need to work on new promovements, affiliate programs, customer retention approaches, enhancements in the conversion of their messages and actions…

It’s not a matter of inventing totally different disruptive actions; you’ll find development in the tiny details and also in the continuous development.


7. Communicate through the remainder of the company

A company is a chain of members pursuing a widespread goal: to fulfil its mission and also maximize its profits, while respecting the principles of service values.

A chain is as weak as its weakest connect. It doesn’t issue that the commercial or manufacturing department are doing an impeccable task, if the marketing department falls short, the entire agency will fail and also the initiatives of other departments will certainly be in vain. That is why the marketing department must ensure that their actions are aligned with the in its entirety missions of the company and also that they report the work-related they are doing.

8. Help improve sales procedures and customer

As discussed above, it’s the duty of the marketing department to know the customers and also especially the customers’ feelings.

A excellent way for much better discovering the customer is that all departments that have actually even more direct contact via the customer shall be functioning with the empathy maps.

9. Manage marketing budgets & Calculate the ROI(Rerotate Of Investment) of the company’s actions

Like any other department, the marketing department must be able to arrangement its budget for the next year’s tasks, extending it in order to make the many of it, for ensuring a positive ROI.Because as you recognize, marketing tasks are an investment of time, money and also effort. And favor eexceptionally investment, it needs measuring actions in order to check whether they fulfill the intfinished goals and also in order to compare a certain activity via others. Faced via questions as "have to I invest in telemarketing, social media, typical media...?" The answer is unique: meacertain them all and also pick based on the numbers.

10. Define strategic marketing plans

The a lot of cost-effective methods are those that are planned for the long term. To do so, you should draft a file setting out the objectives to be accomplished in the complying with months; the actions that are to be undertaken; the toughness of the company; the competition; the target sectors... In addition, these strategic plans must also be aligned both with the strategic arrangement of the agency and with various other departments’ plans.

At the end of the day, planning is the just method to accomplish the collection missions.

Tips & tricks: How to design a peak brand also marketing strategy

Final thoughts

By analysis these 10 obligations, you’ll be reasoning “exactly how deserve to I discover time for that?”.

If you glance at what takes more time in your company, sucount you’ll find that repeated jobs with bit added value occupy the many. For this reason it’s important that you remove these jobs from roots, otherwise you’ll fail to accomplish the jobs that a marketing department need to really dedicate it’s time to: reach, lure and retain customers.

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