Business _________ are important when a permanent record is required, when formality is necessary, and when a message is sensitive and requires an organized, wee-considered presentation.

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You should use the _________ strategy for positive, everyday
Numbered or bulleted lists, headings, columns, or boldface or italic type, also called ________ highlighting, can be used to highlight details in the body of a business letter.graphic
Action information and deadlines belong in the _________ of a business letter.closing
Characteristics of good business letters include clear content, goodwill tone, and correct ______________.form format
________ -style letters are formatted will all parts of the letter--dateline, inside address, body, and so on--set flush left.Block
Some rountine messages open with a(n) ________ command, such as Will you please answer the following questions about your new line of computer products.polite
The closing of a direct request that requires action may include an end _______ so that the reader knows when an action is
________ letters are written by customers to identify or correct a problem with products or services they have purchased.Claim
_______________ claims are those to which you expect the receiver to agree readily and are written using the direct organizational pattern.Straight forward
Knowledgeable business communicators use a(n) __________ line in a direct reply letter to refer to earlier correspondence so that in the first sentence they are free to emphasize the main idea.subject
The ________ pattern should be used for messages that are mostly good news but may have some negative
When a company receives a claim and decides to respnd favorably, the letter is called a(n) _____________ letter.adjustment
Adjustment letters that grant customer's claims should be written using the ___________ organizational
Deciding whether to ____________ to a customer in an adjustment letter is a debatable issue. Some attorney's discourage doing so, but many customers appreciate it.apologize
_________ messages are those that express thanks, congratulations, recognition, or sympathy.Goodwill
Goodwill messages should be selfless, specific, sincere, spontaneous, and __________.short
_________-you motes should be written for favors, gifts, and hospitality.Thank
___________ notes should refer to a death or misfortune sensitively and offer assistance without going into excessive detail.

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Letters going to individuals in other parts of the world, such as Japan and Europe, should probably use a more _________ tone than letters written for American business people.formal