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Click here to check out ALL troubles on Travel Word ProblemsQuestion 1112543: A chef is going to usage a mixture of 2 brands of Italian dressing. The first brand also includes 9%vinegar, and also the second brand contains 14%vinegar. The chef desires to make 350milliliters of a dressing that is 13%vinegar. How much of each brand also should she use? Found 3 solutions by addingup, mananth, greenestamps:Answer by addingup(3677) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! 0.09x + 0.14(350 - x) = 0.13(350)0.09x + 49 - 0.14x = 45.5-0.05 = -3.5x = 70she requirements 70 milliliters of the 9% and 350-70 = 280 milliliters of the 14% Answer by mananth(16077) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! componentpercent----------------quantityDressing I0.09----------------xmlDressing II0.14----------------350-xmlMixture0.13----------------3500.09x+0.14(350-x)=350.00*0.130.09x+49-0.14x=45.500.09x-0.14x=45.5-49-0.05x=-3.5/-0.05x=70ml9.00%Dressing I280ml14.00%Dressing II Answer by greenestamps(9878) (Show Source): You deserve to put this solution on YOUR website! The two remedies you have actually got for your question use the very same typical slrfc.orgic technique to fix the difficulty. Let me display you an extremely various method that I find a lot less complicated and also faster.By the means.... I just timed myself in solving your trouble. With pencil and paper and also the standard slrfc.orgic method, I took 1 minute 35 secs to resolve the problem; the majority of of the time was invested multiplying unpleasant decimal numbers. Then I fixed the trouble again with my method; it took simply under 10 secs bereason all the arithmetic was quickly done mentally.So below is this alternate approach for addressing mixture troubles involving only 2 ingredients.With pencil and paper, the complying with variety deserve to be used to perform the first part of the calculations; however, through a little exercise you deserve to do this component mentally.The numbers in the initially column are the percentperiods of the 2 ingredients -- 14% and 9%.

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The number in the second column is the desired percentage of the mixture.The numbers in the third column are the differences, calculated diagonally, between the numbers in the initially and second columns.When the calculations are done this means, the numbers in the third column display the ratio in which the 2 ingredients need to be blended.So the numbers in the 3rd column say that the mixture requirements to be 4 parts the 14% ingredient to 1 component the 9% ingredient.Then the rest of the solution involves converting the 4:1 proportion into quantities of each ingredient, offered that the mixture is 350ml; the answer is 280ml of the 14% ingredient and also 70ml of the 9% ingredient.The explanation via all the word takes a lengthy time; however the actual calculations are fairly simple. Here is all I must do mentally to solve this difficulty in a few seconds:(1) 14-13=1; 13-9=4.(2) 4:1 proportion via total 350ml --> 280ml and also 70ml