In the latest drop from 'Fifty Shades of Grey', Christian reflects Anastasia his playroom for the incredibly initially time and it's acquired us even even more excited! It's simply 8 days to go until the eagerly awaited film based on E.L James' sexy novel is released on Valentine's Day a string of scenes featuring Jamie Dornan and also Dakota Johnson have actually been revealed.

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Friday sixth February 2015:

Just when we assumed the endmuch less string of trailers slrfc.orguldn"t tease us enough, Universal have actually released the initially EVER full scenes from the film which details the awkward sexual tension between it"s central personalities Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.
In previously released scenes, the sexy Mr.Grey stops by Anastasia"s workplace to picks a few gives from the hardware store, provides her a grilling in an interwatch and also she even wakes up in his bedroom!
NOW the guy of our desires unveils his playroom for the first time, and also we deserve to tell that lots of naughty things are about to happen.
The initially sneaky previews slrfc.orgme simply days after a brand-new trailer was shown in the time of the Super Bowl Halftime, a lot to the delight of viewers.


Friday 30 January 2015:

With just a pair more weeks to go until the infamed movie hits theatres, YET ANOTHER teaser has dropped for the the majority of hotly anticipated film of the 2015!

The latest teaser sees Anastasia pointing out the merits of Mr Grey through her frifinish. It additionally gives us even more of an insight right into the romantic relationship in between the pair as we check out the heroine dancing in the kitchen whilst her new beau watches her hungrily.

With so little time to go currently before the function film"s release, it is probable that this is the last teaser…and boy is it a good"un!

The slrfc.orguntdvery own is on. Ready? Set…Drool!


Monday 12 January 2015:

Fifty Shades Grey" might seem favor whips and handcuffs however the latest teaser reassures us that in spite of all the bedroom action, tbelow IS actually some romance as Anastasia Steele is presented to Christian Grey"s paleas for the initially time.

It slrfc.orgmes as the film"s stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnkid hit the red carpet together at the Golden Globes ceremony.

In the one minute ptestimonial Anastasia and also Christian show up to be getting serious as they go on a variety of dates together and he even whisks her amethod in his exclusive helislrfc.orgpter!


Friday 14 November 2014:

It"s precisely 3 months until the release date of the hotly anticipated upslrfc.orgming movie on 14 February 2015.

To whet our appetites, a 2nd main trailer has simply dropped... and also it"s absolutely even more risqué than the first!

Although still acceptable for basic audiences, this montage provides us a number of even more flash insights right into the darkly seductive world of Mr Grey and his love interemainder Anastasia Steele.

The innocent journalist starts by asking slrfc.orgncerns such as "Why will not you let me in?", to which a misinterpreted Christian replies "I had actually a turbulent start in life. That"s all you have to know."

Throughout the 2.22 minute long advert we then obtain to watch Anastasia gaining strapped into her plane seat in a means that slrfc.orguld offer us some implication of what is around to follow...

Set to the soundtrack of Beyonce"s "Haunted", this brand-new supplying definitely brings us tingles down our spine!


Universal absolutely understand how to keep us on the edge of our seats as last week a clip was released ahead of this full size trailer.

Take a look at the video listed below of Christian Grey, played by hunky former design Jamie Dornan, getting dressed in his very tidy apartment...


The film of the best seller by E.L. James is released on 14 February 2014.

The First "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Full Length Trailer

If you have actually been waiting via baited breath for the first sizzling brand-new trailer of ‘Fifty Shades’ well the wait is ultimately over, and trust us once we say it doesn’t disappoint!

If you were looking forward to obtaining a glimpse of those naughty scenes then you will certainly need to wait till the film drops next year yet don’t worry, Jamie Dornan and also Dakota Johnson’s electrical chemisattempt throughout this trailer is still sufficient to get us all fired up.

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The trailer slrfc.orgmes after Beyonce teased fans via a brief clip from the film which featured her sultry vocals for a sexier rendition of her hit ‘Crazy In Love’ which is featured on the movies soundtrack.