Working at a job that pays $50,000 a year is a respectable living. Freelancing is additionally a great method to make money, however how a lot does it pay? $50000 a year might sound prefer the majority of money, yet as soon as you break it dvery own right into an hourly wage, the number looks even more choose $20.00-$25.00 per hour.

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If you want to understand the answer to “$50,000 per year is exactly how a lot an hour?” keep reading!

$50,000 Per Year is How Much an Hour?

The math behind this question is straightforward if you recognize the variety of hours you work-related per year.

If you want to calculate this based upon a standard full time occupational week, or 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, you’d have to divide $50,000 by 2,080 hours (40 * 52).

If this is your meacertain, this pertains to $24.04 per hour.

However, if you side hustle or work as a freelancer, you could not work simply 40 hours per week- you could work more or much less.

If you occupational even more hrs, that hourly wage will certainly decrease bereason the numerator remains constant ($50,000) while the denominator increases. The lowest hourly wage you can with a $50,000 income in a year is $5.71/hour.

Though, that means you’d must occupational every hour of the year: 8,760 hrs (24 hours per day * 7 days per week * 52 weeks per year)!

While it’s vital to learn exactly how to make money while you sleep, I don’t think this is rather what we had in mind.

If you job-related fewer hours however still take residence $50,000 per year, you could earn a a lot greater wage.

Perhaps you only work-related part-time at 20 hours per week but still earn $50k per year. If that’s the situation, you’d actually earn $48.08 per hour (very same pay yet half as many type of hours).

As you can check out, the amount of revenue remains consistent, but the hrs you work-related may vary. Thus, it is crucial to acquire the a lot of out of your time.

The fewer hrs you deserve to job-related to earn even more income the better. If you’re smart, you can accomplish your task faster and also even more successfully.

This have the right to take place from:

obtaining on the project experienceautomating regimen, time-consuming tasksoutsourcing work-related wbelow possible

You have the right to additionally earn money from revenue generating assets, which don’t tie directly to exactly how many kind of hours you job-related.

These are some of the best assets to invest in because they don’t require you to take time to earn money past investing in them and also letting the revenue payments come directly to your bank account.

Want to Make More than $50,000 a Year?

All of the math in this article considers you functioning eexceptionally occupational hour of the year. In all likelihood, if you work as a salaried employee, you don’t job-related all 2,080 hours per year.

Let’s not foracquire, your hourly price can remain resolved, yet you might not actually occupational 52 weeks per year. You may obtained passist time off, or PTO.

If you get 2 weeks of PTO per year, while your pay rate stays the very same, you actually earn a higher rate as soon as you account for those 2 weeks of PTO.

Further, you may acquire federal holidays favor 4th of July, Christmas, New Year’s and also other major events. Many salaried employees acquire in between 8 – 10 federal holidays off plus 2 weeks of PTO. This means 3-4 weeks of PTO per year.

If that’s the situation, then you actually earn more than $24.04 per hour bereason you take the same $50,000 per year and also divide it by 48 weeks, or 1,920 hrs, and earn $26.04 per hour.

These four weeks of time off enable you to unwind or even take up a side hustle to earn even more earnings.

→ Start Freelancing and Side Hustling


Personally, I supplement my project by working as a freelance finance content marketing writer to increase my yearly pay. You can want to pick up other side hustles to invest your time in a greater take-house pay.

But this have the right to intend taking up a line of job-related finest suited to your very own skills.

This have the right to encompass things like:

WritingDesigning and styling websites (or resume templates)Developing softwareBecoming a rideshare driverReviewing albums for a regional radio stationBecoming a dropshipper

→ Discover How to Make Money from Your Money


When you have sufficient money saved, you can learn just how to revolve money into even more money. This indicates investing in assets that appreciate in value, or administer you an income rerotate too.

You have the right to begin by controlling your expenses, developing a budobtain and also sticking to it. You can likewise learn exactly how to make money from your money by investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds that administer you through revenue or permanent retransforms.

It’s necessary not to put all of your eggs into one basket though – diversify what you invest in so it won’t be as tough on the pocketbook if we experience a downrotate in the sector.

There are a number of services that offer stock advice via investment newsletters or stock picking services. Be certain to read via the selections gave and determine if any kind of of them fulfill your own investment criteria.

Discover how to research stocks via useful stock evaluation apps and also begin investing via cost-free stock apps to store more money in your pocket. Many kind of also offer you free authorize up bonoffers once you open an account and also make a minimum deposit.

Find Out exactly how to get cost-free stocks from a number of brokerages finest for beginners.


→ Invest to Earn Passive Income

Likewise, you may desire to choose investments that will geneprice earnings for you to raise your annual revenue. Just the very same, you can choose to live on your existing revenue and also invest in development stocks to make your net worth rise over time.

By having actually persistence, and also a strong job-related ethic, you can make $50,000 per year in passive income! Continue investing in worthwhile endeavors prefer actual estate investing and also your investments will certainly earn you $50,000 per year.

Add in your job-related income and you’ll be upgrading your yearly take residence pay in no time.

You might think about investing with a micro-investing app like The cost-free stock trading application permits you to invest in increments as small as $1 in index funds and also individual stocks.

Starting small deserve to let you flourish a bigger investment balance over time, particularly through high-yield investments.

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Doing this continuously throughout numerous years have the right to result in significant returns that can raise your earnings.