In any kind of type of SUCCESFUL NETWORK, tright here is largely two topologies. One is dubbed as physical topology which represents the structure of the netoccupational consisting of such as netjob-related topologies, hardware placements, IP resolve alareas. The other one is the logical topology which represents the protection borders of the netoccupational, network solutions and so on In energetic catalog based facilities setup, “Domain” represents the logical topology while “Sites and Subnets” represents the physical topology.

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Site simply we deserve to define as a physical area or network-related. It can be either in sepaprice structure, separate city or even in separate country. As an example, Contoso Ltd. has its head office located in London, UK. It is have actually its domajor controller and rest of servers, tools running. It provides Ip resolve alplace for the netoccupational through subnet With the company needs firm opens a branch office in Toronto, Canada. Even its located in different physical place, it’s under primary doprimary. It does running a separate network-related with ip address allocation of To make the firm operations smooth and productive it is essential to save the netoccupational as one also its in 2 geographical locations. Company type of invested huge amount of money to connect 2 workplaces through 256kb attach. As we know in energetic magazine setting replication is essential. Whatever changes happens in one doprimary controller should replicates to others. But in right here in this setup if we simply setup network-related by enabling direct replication in between HQ and branch office domajor controllers it will be slow and majority of connect bandwidth will use for the replication web traffic and also other DC service connected website traffic. Also let’s assume individuals in branch office are accessing some papers from a DFS file share. If it’s via the sluggish 256kb connect it will certainly be bottleneck for the agency operations due to time and also reliability. Answer for all these comes to is use of sites, subnets, site links. Sites helps to localize the services. So once sites are setup once users authenticate DC or attempt to accessibility file in DFS share it will instantly straight users in to local domajor controllers, DFS servers in same website. Also we have the right to optimize the web links between sites and decide just how a lot of web traffic need to alfind, once replications have to happens etc. isn’t it beauty?


In sites setup subnets represents the IP deal with alareas. But it’s not specifically suggests all address behind router in a sites. It can be IPv4 or IPv6. Based on subnets sites decides its physical borders of the network.

Sites and Domain setup largely can divide in to 2 kinds.

Single website via multiple domains – in below one website deserve to be hosting multiple domains. For instance Contoso Ltd. London Site may using and additionally domains.

Single doprimary via multiple sites – in here one domajor will have actually multiple sites. So its exactly exact same as my previous instance. Contoso Ltd. have actually 2 sites in London UK and also Toronto Canada. But these all are under very same domain.

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Benefits of Sites and Services

Tright here are largely three benefits we deserve to identify.

Replication – In typical AD DS setup all domajor controllers are set to replicate transforms between each other assuming all are associated via quick network links. But in genuine world it’s not. With use of sites and website web links we deserve to optimize the replications in between doprimary controllers to get the finest benefits out from sluggish links.

Service Location – In energetic directory setup there are other solutions integrated which helps on firm operations. For example DFS, Active magazine certificate services, mail services. Using sites and also subnet setup we deserve to suggest customers to nearest server for the solutions. So customers in Site B severed by DFS server in Site B as soon as they attempt to access a record rather of passing the request to Site A.

Authentication – as soon as user logs in to domajor it simply interact through the domain controller for the authentication. But let’s assume 100 individuals in Site B is trying to log in to their computers in morning. In order communicate through doprimary controller in Site A it will certainly take lot of bandwidth from the sluggish connect between the sites and also large amount of time. But via correct server placement and website setup we have the right to allude all the individuals in site B to interact via website B doprimary controller.

In this article I have define the use of sites, subnets and also website web links and also in next short article lets look in to configurations. If you have actually any type of concerns about the post feel totally free to call me on rebeladm