Today, my 17-year-old kid controlled to conveniently convince my 13-year-old daughter that if you have sex prior to acquiring married, you'll instantly obtain horrible conditions that will certainly kill you. Her freaking out is how I uncovered out she's not only gullible as hell, yet sexually active as well. FML



Persona non grata


Bum note

Today, my wife actually had actually the balls to tell me that we can't have sex for the rest of her nine month pregnancy, bereason according to her, "I don't desire twins." FML

Child's play

Today, my 6 year-old lugged me a card. On it was a turd belonging to my 4 year-old boy. She gained excited and also grossed out, and also threw it on the rug. FML
Today, my girlfriend updated her Facebook condition as soon as I was through her. No, let me correct myself. Today, my girlfriend updated her Facebook status once I was in her. FML
Today, my boss asked to usage my phone since the company pays for it. A few hours later on the same boss referred to as me right into his office to fire me. Apparently the agency checks the phone records and discovered a speak to made on my cell to a sex line. My boss made that call and also simply fired me. FML
Today, I was singing in the shower, not realising the window was open. When I acquired out, the neighbors were at the front door, loudly arguing with my mom. They were complaining about my awful singing. FML
Today, I didn't put any makeup on my acne-ridden and recently sun-scorched confront. Today was additionally the initially time I've ever before run right into my crush exterior of work, all while trying to parallel park in a auto that hasn't been washed in 6 months. I hit the car behind me. FML
Today, while taking a shower in the dorm bathroom, my roommate believed it would be funny to steal my towel, robe, and essential. I invested over an hour waiting for someone to come right into the bathroom so I can ask them to carry me something to cover up. FML

Jimmy Handtricks

Today, my husband also is a music teacher, and I walked in on him on Zoom through among his female students. He said he was teaching her the guitar. He was naked from the waist dvery own and also she was fully nude. FML


Today, after months of my fiancé begging me to have actually a baby through him, I uncovered out I’m pregnant. He doesn’t desire a baby anyeven more. FML
Today, I invested almost my whole English class turned on reasoning that the warm girl next to me was playing footsie with me. That is until she stood up and also I realized I had been rubbing my foot on her backfill. FML
Today, my mommy baked cupcakes for my visiting grandparental fees. Later, I experienced my grandpa chowing down on them. Even later, my mother demanded to understand why tright here were a dozen cupcake wrappers on my bed. I've fundamentally been framed by my very own grandpa, and also am currently grounded for a month. FML
Today, I had actually to usage a public bathroom. I'm pregnant, though I don't really endure from morning sickness. I do however endure from sympathy puking, which kicked in with horrifying after-effects once someone burst in and started vomiting in one of the other stalls. FML
Today, I found out that my finest frifinish and also the guy I had actually a crush on for 2 years are getting married. The worst component is that they've been dating for 2 years in trick, and also just came out about it now. I've been informing her for 2 years how much I favor him, and also she's urged me the entirety time. FML
Today, we were practicing figure drawing in art class. Our constant design didn't show up, so our teacher pulled someone out of examine hall. And that did she pick? My ex-boyfriend, who stalked me after our breakup, which led to a nervous breakdvery own that put me in therapy. It was a lengthy class. FML
Today, I obtained stopped at the bank by security for delivering a weapon and endangered to speak to the police. I had actually to prove my “steel stick” was not a weapon. I am partly paralyzed in one of my feet and have to walk via a cane. FML
Today, I was getting sick of listening to the male in the next room over gaining nasty through some girl, so I dubbed my girlfrifinish to see if she wanted to go gain some food. Then I heard her phone ring. Thstormy the wall. FML
Today, I was at the grocery store with my dad. He let out an extremely silent yet foul abomination of a fart. The world behind us started gagging, so he turned, pointed at me and shelp "That was my daughter." FML
Today, I was tinting my very own eyelashes as soon as I missed my eyelashes and also stabbed myself in the eye with the applicator loaded through dye. Now, I have actually beautiful lush black eyelashes, to match my fifty percent closed swollen red left eye. Sexy. FML
Today, I actually had actually to reassure the girl I'm seeing that she can't "catch" my epilepsy. FML
Today I visited the bank to get a jar of coins exadjusted for cash via fancy respond to machine. After 30 minutes I was handed a bag of rolling sleeves and was told to perform it myself. Good news, I have actually a lot more money than I assumed. Bad news, I have actually A LOT more coins than I assumed. FML
Today, I was serving a household at the restaurant wright here I work-related. When I checked out ask the little bit girl what she wanted, I was tongue-tied and also obtained "cutie" and also "hun" mixed up and also ended up asking, "What can I gain for you, cuntie?" FML
Today, I overheard my boy mutter to himself, "If Hitler could execute it to that many world, so can I..." Anyone recommfinish a great psychiatrist? FML
Today, I was ordering food at McDonalds once a condom dropped out and also onto the respond to. The server looked at me funny prior to my friend turned roughly and sassist, "It's okay, he's never before going to use it." FML
Today, I uncovered out the perboy who's been stalking and also harassing me virtual was actually my now ex-boyfriend. He only confessed as I finally picked up the phone to report it to the police. He basically shelp he wanted me to turn to him for comfort and protection, so he might "feel favor a man". FML
Today, a lady on the bus came approximately me and asked if she might sit down. Thinking she expected the seat next to me, I shelp certain. She supposed my lap. FML
Today, my girlfriend was providing me a hand also task as soon as she started crying. Despite my pleas for her to sheight and also attempts to comfort her, she insisted that she continue. I feel favor a monster. FML
Today, I was looking over some old notes from high college when I came across a list of points I wanted to attain by the moment I'm 25. I haven't achieved a solitary one. I'm 26. FML
Today, my 21-year-old girlfrifinish ultimately got the courage to tell her mommy that she wanted to relocate in through me. It turns out she was ideal to be afraid; in the time of the talk, her mommy yelled at us, calling her a slut and also saying she was as well young to be "shacking up with some man." FML
Today, I was around to leave for my honeymoon via my new husband, once he experienced my deodorant in my bag. He picked it up and also asked what it was. When I shelp it was deodorant, he offered me a confused look and sassist "girls don't wear deodorant". He actually thought that. FML
Today, a customer invested eras bitching me out, bereason he refsupplied to believe he needed to upgrade his computer, which still runs Windows 98, in order to install a contemporary game for his grandboy. He ended up calling my manager and also trying to acquire me fired for scamming him. FML
Today, I told my 3 year old daughter to behave actually or I'd spank her. She looked appropriate at me and also shelp "Bring it." FML
Today, I went on a day via a man who told me his primary aim in life is to live alone in an isolated lightresidence. FML
Today, I got T-boned by a woman going 60 mph. I was unconscious for hrs while a tube was put into my collapsed lung. Upon waking up my 16-year old brother assumed it would certainly be hilarious to yank out my leg hairs. FML

Douchebag Alert!

Today, my brvarious other bragged around the number of split messages he sent this week while driving. I don't know what's worse, the reality that he was dating 3 girls, that he broke up through them over message, that he was texting and driving, or that he's proud of his actions. FML
Today, at my prestigious sous chef task, I was preparing to plate up expensive entrees for a duty of 150 people. After arriving to work-related 2 hrs at an early stage to finalize finishing touches, they contact the restaurant 5 minutes before their booking stating, 'We can't be bothered anymore, sorry.' FML
Today, I discovered out that my "mosquito bite" remained in reality a jellyfish sting I gained in Mexico, which has actually brought about me to break out into horrendous hives in the airport waiting for the trip house. It's okay though, the airplane is just delayed for 7 hours. FML
Today, after an hour of crying over a man I favor, I put on some Adele and sang alengthy. My mom quickly took notice and concerned give me advice, which wregarding "obtain over it" bereason he doesn't desire me, and also that "masturbation beats relationships hands dvery own." Gee, many thanks mother. FML
Today, my boyfrifinish of more than 2 years told me in front of every one of our friends that he'd trade me for some Playterminal 3 games. I laughed it off bereason I thought he was kidding. He made it clear that he was major. FML
Today, I took my dog to the vet and she was diagnosed via weight problems. The vet then told me that dogs usually imitate their owners eating and also habits habits. FML


Just imagine that conversation in between the two of them, the daughter crying until she's told.... I suppose in a method serves her appropriate. 13 is quite young. Sort of feel negative for op, discovering they couldn't do even more to prevent it....

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if it stops them from perhaps becoming pregnant at such a young age, why not? I personally wouldnt carry out it, however that am I to judge?
not also pregnancy, but I don't understand any type of 13 year old also remotely emotionally prepared for something as massive as sex. as the parent, I'm not certain why she would be this gullible or be having actually sex in the first place.
By legislation she isn't old enough to consent to sex and also make an informed decision on it. So I think you must be helping her and supporting her and finding out why she had sex and also who with. 13 is extremely young - she can not also have began her period - please don't play alengthy.
Ah, yes. Let's streatment our kids right into repressing actions and feelings they naturally obtain (& obviously don't understand exactly how to control) while brand-new hormones are gushing via their veins. Fear is certainly the ideal option.
13? Though? Seriously? I supplied to joke that kids were fucking the second they hit teens. This is.... Wow. I'm actually shocked that 13 year old girls are out fucking.
My frifinish is a police officer in Buena Park and he caught two ten year olds having actually sex in a public park. Yes, TEN year olds.
Omg!!! That's insane! I didn't think children that young had actually "functioning parts!" Time to begin homeschooling!
If I wouldn't be for your image, I'd assume you were 12. Puberty starts from 9 all the way up till your 18.
I'm 17 and not just am I still a virgin, I've never had my initially kiss... :l I must be doing somepoint wrong
I understand the feeling #135, I'm in the exact same instance. I feel favor within 3 years younger than us (depending on location, of course) everyone ended up being wh*res; we're one of the last half-classy classes.
I'm 14 and also eexceptionally time I hear a story choose this one I learn a brand-new way to commit self-destruction on the Web. Enjoy my comment as it brigh10s your day.
I don't if it's a FYL or a YDI! It's an FYL cuz the daughter is just 13! But it's a YDI as well cuz you raised her!
the a lot of recent generation is the most educated and also has the leastern amounts of teen pregnancy. it's not failing you're just a short sighted ass.
Besides eexceptionally generation has its screw-ups. I simply pick to excel, work tough in life, and encourage others to do the same.
#48 I question "the leastern amount of teenager pregnancy." Are you counting 18-19 year olds in this? Abortions against births? I discover it incredibly tough to believe that of the around 50 male students I coach in rugby having at least 15, that I understand of, being fathers, and also one more 9 that should have actually been fathers prior to abortion that the number has somehow gone down. When I remained in highinstitution on a 70 guy footsphere team and also 30 guy baseball team only 2 guys had youngsters and only one more 3 would certainly have actually had kids if the moms didn't have abortions. Maybe I'm coaching the "crazy" cross area however I'm wondering wright here these numbers come from.
The leastern in teen pregnancy is one thing, but that doesn't expect that the younger generation hasn't started earlier and also has actually less complicated access to adult content. Also, I'm certain that Plan B being extensively obtainable has a part in the teenager pregnancy rates. It sucks people are blaming the parents. They can't watch everything the children do and the youngsters might not care/ or under stand the potential aftermath. Kids currently are more mindful of tech and also might have an much easier time hiding somethings.
55-- The UNITED STATE Health and Human being Services Department reported in September that pregnancy and abortion rates for teenagers have actually dropped over 10% in the past two years and have been decreasing steadily over the past two decades. In a May post, the LA Times cited an independent examine reporting equivalent drops. I teach high school and I additionally have actually known numerous pregnant teens over the years, so the numbers surpclimb me, too, however tright here does seem to be a trend.
Well my paranoid side says the numbers are being manipulated. It renders no feeling that a middle class submetropolitan highcolleges pregnancy rates would over quadruple in the 10+ years considering that I graduated to now. And someexactly how that's simply an isolated raise. But that knows? Maybe with all the brand-new agencies and also legislations the numbers aren't specifically doctored as a lot as they are "true" to a precise letter meaning.
You likewise need to element in that teen pregnancy is even more acceptable (and hence visible) than it was in prior generations, wright here if your teen daughter acquired pregnant it was extended up.
I'm 18, and I haven't kissed a boy..... which is pretty good given that I'm a directly male.
I'm 19 and also still haven't had a girlfrifinish. I don't mind though, I'd rather wait for the appropriate girl than commit to a relationship that's bound to fail just for the sake of being in a relationship.
#47 & #54: Exactly, nothing wrong with that. I was 21 prior to I kissed a girl or even had actually a girlfrifinish. And I turned out simply fine.
I did kiss a boy when I was thirteen yet wasn't sexually energetic until I was seventeenager. And for the human being saying that it is imperative that teenage sex leeds to teenage pregnancy: I had my first kid at 28. You simply must know how to usage protection and also be slightly paranoid around security.
I'm 16 and also I haven't also ever held a guys hand also. It's okay, I'm Indian. My parental fees will uncover me a nice man in exreadjust for livestock.

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As a 26 year old... I shed my virginity at 13. I turned out fine, no STDs, no pregnancies. Totally normal perspective in the direction of sex and relationships. I think it's entirely circumstantial.