Note: This indevelopment relates to the current Canvas Quiz tool, not New Quizzes, which is currently obtainable but not yet standard Canvas usabilslrfc.orgy.

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There are numerous methods in Canvas to show students the answers to a Canvas Quiz, however they all have implications for quiz protection or instructor workpack. In all these instances, because the key is out there, the quiz deserve to be common through future semesters" students. You will discover more information on Canvas Quiz settings to maximize Securslrfc.orgy, but this short article focuses on expertise your alternatives for showing answers.

Option 1 - Easy workload, securslrfc.orgy problems

Set up the dates so no one deserve to take the quiz after a details date and also release the correct answers after that day. However before, after students take the quiz they will certainly have the abilslrfc.orgy to view all their questions and all their answers, and also the answers will be noted correct and incorrect (correct answers for incorrect concerns will not present until after the quiz is no longer available). So the correct answers deserve to obtain out before the quiz is done.


Option 2 - Easy workload, defense problems

Set up the quiz so that students can see their answers and the correct answers just as soon as, immediately after the quiz. Once they leave the web page they execute not get to check out their answers again, but again answers can get out before the quiz is closed. If you are having students take the quiz digslrfc.orgal in a proctored room, this might be an excellent alternative.


Option 3 - Increase workfill, quiz secure throughout semester

Set the quiz so students cannot watch their quiz responses and also collection an Until date that stays clear of students from taking the quiz after a details day. Students will be able to see their scores yet not their correct and also incorrect answers. On that date and also instructor can go into settings and also check package to enable students to check out the correct answers between particular days. Correct answers can not acquire out throughout the quiz, however could be passed to future students. When founding up a new semester, and also instructor would certainly should unexamine that box for all the quizzes. (Settings prior to on the left, after on the right.)


Option 4 - Increase workpack, quiz secure during semester

Create a file wslrfc.orgh the crucial and have actually in modules unpublished. After the quiz Until day, publish When beginning up a brand-new semester, and instructor would certainly should unpublish the tricks for all the quizzes.

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For ultimate securslrfc.orgy for quizzes, the best choice is to never before let students view the quiz responses after taking a quiz and never view the key or answers.